Behind the Scenes with…

Evolution of Costume Design: Shakespeare’s Women

MFA Design student Mallory Goodman speaks about the research process, influences, design creation for the development of costumes for the Phoenix Theatre production of “Shakespeare’s Women.” Afterwards she shares an up-close peek backstage at the gorgeous final costumes. You can hear more about Mallory’s process in our Friday Afternoons at the Phoenix Fire podcast. 

Evolution of a Set Design: Shakespeare’s Women

Fourth-year design student Brock Keeler speaks about the research process, influences, and model creation for the development his set for the Phoenix Theatre production of Shakespeare’s Women. After the set is completed and the show has opened, Brock tours us through the final design on stage.

Props Students

Props Builders Jamie Anderson, Garrett Clayton, Akari van den Driesen and Brianna de Jong demonstrate some useful new skills behind the scenes for Dead Man’s Cell Phone –  like how to create a very special prop lamp in the shape of a kidney and the art of creating convincing fake cocktails! 

Brock Keeler

Brock Keeler, one of the two Assistant Lighting Designers for Dead Man’s Cell Phone with Lisa Van Oorschot, captured this fun timelapse video of their lighting focus session during tech rehearsals the week before the show opened. Set & Lighting Designer Prof. Patrick Du Wors leads a crew of student technicians, as well as first-year light walkers. 

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Miriam Dumitra

What does a play look like when you close your eyes?  Listen to how fourth-year UVic Theatre student and Sound Designer Miriam Dumitra makes the feeling of Dead Man’s Cell Phone come alive through jazz-infused soundscapes and cell phone riddled audio cues. Miriam also talks about her project to measure how sound bounces around the Roger Bishop Theatre.

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Parker Feenstra

Go behind the scenes with fourth-year UVic Theatre student Parker Feenstra, the Costume Designer for Dead Man’s Cell Phone and learn more about what got her excited about becoming a theatre designer.

Stage photos by Dean Kalyan. Painting: Nighthawks, (1942) by Edward Hopper.  Music: Jazzy Frenchy from