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ARCHIVES - 1973-2010



Canadian Collection



67 choral compositions by Canadian Composers -This collection (taken from the Chamber Singers' archives from 1973 onward) is offered as a resource, to enable choral conductors to hear these pieces in performance. On occasion they contain, acoustical, recording and performance problems - not necessarily the usual standard of UVic. Chamber Singers recordings.

Archer, Violet - Children's Voices (from "Landscapes")
Archer, Violet - Red River (from "Landscapes")
Archer, Violet - Quick, Quick, Quick (from "Landscapes")
Beckwith, John - Psalm 130 (from "Sacred Harp")
Beckwith, John - Psalm 122 - 97 (from "Sacred Harp")
Bissell, Keith - O Come Sit Down (from "2 Canadian Folksongs")
Bissell, Keith - J'entends le Moulin (from "2 Canadian Folksongs")
Bissell, Keith - Full Fathom Five (from "2 Songs from Shakespeare")
Bissell, Keith - When Icicles Hang by the Wall (from "2 Canadian Folksongs")
Chatman, Stephen - Mountains (from "Due North")
Chatman, Stephen - Trees (from "Due North")
Chatman, Stephen - Woodpecker (from "Due North")
Chatman, Stephen - Varied Thrushes (from "Due North")
Chatman, Stephen - Mosquitoes (from "Due North")
Chatman, Stephen - Cuckoo, the
Enns, Leonard - Music When Soft Voices Die
Fleming, Robert - Madrigal
Freedman, Harry - Keewaydin
Freedman, Harry - Hirondelle (from "Blue, Green, White ")
Freedman, Harry - 1838 (from "Blue, Green, White ")
Freedman, Harry - Sigh No More Ladies (from "Songs from Shakespeare")
Freedman, Harry - Come Away Death (from "Songs from Shakespeare")
Freedman, Harry - It Was a Lover and his Lass (from "Songs from Shakespeare")
Freedman, Harry - O Mistress Mine (from "Songs from Shakespeare")
Freedman, Harry - Wind and the Rain, the (from "Songs from Shakespeare")
Genge, Anthony - Pax Aeterna
Gould, Glen - So You want to Write a Fugue
Greenhouse, Jeremy - Do Not Go Gentle
Healy, Derek - Star of Belisle (from "6 Canadian Folksongs")
Healy, Derek - Kimeo (from "6 Canadian Folksongs")
Healy, Derek - Salish Song (from "6 Canadian Folksongs")
Holman, Derek - O Mistress Mine
Hultberg, Cortland - the 12 Daze of Christmas
Komorous, Rudolf - Spring Ends (from "Li Ching Chao Madrigals")
Komorous, Rudolf - A Dream Song (from "6 Canadian Folksongs")
Komorous, Rudolf - Cassia Flowers (from "6 Canadian Folksongs")
Komorous, Rudolf - Eve Blossom
Lund, Gail - Log Driver's Waltz
Lustig, Leila - The Sea View
Lustig, Leila - Persons of No Fixed Abode
Mercure, Pierre - Les Lions Jaune (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Psaume (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Ils ont detruit la ville (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Complainte (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Pierrot Noir (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Choral (from "Un cri de joie")
Mercure, Pierre - Le cri de joie (from "Un cri de joie")
Pollet, Lanny - Middle-age Enthusiasms
Pollet, Lanny - The Self Unseeing
Raminsh, Imant - Doukhobor Lullaby
Rickard, Sylvia - Wreck we 'Em (video)
Ryan, Jeffrey - Two Households
Schafer, R. Murray - Hear Me Out
Schafer, R. Murray - Gamelan
Schafer, R. Murray - Epitaph for Moonlight
Somers, Harry - Si javais le bateaux (from "Songs from the Newfoundland Outports")
Somers, Harry - She's Like the Swallow (from "Songs from the Newfoundland Outports")
Somers, Harry - The Old Mayflower (from "Songs from the Newfoundland Outports")
Somers, Harry - Banks of Newfoundland (from "Songs from the Newfoundland Outports")
Somers, Harry - Feller from Fortune (from "Songs from the Newfoundland Outports")
Somers, Harry - Gloria
Weigel, Eugene - Come on Wings of Joy (from "Five Madrigals ")
Weigel, Eugene - Dost Thou Truly (from "Five Madrigals ")
Weigel, Eugene - O Thou, Summer's Harmony (from "Five Madrigals ")
Weigel, Eugene - Where Thou Dwellest (from "Five Madrigals ")
Weigel, Eugene - Yonder Stands a Lonely Tree (from "Five Madrigals ")
Weinzweig, John - To the Lands over Yonder
Willan, Healy - Rise Up My Love