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Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, collaboration and communication, research and writing skills, success through critical evaluation . . . Fine Arts offers all this and more. Whatever your career path, UVic's Faculty of Fine Arts prepares you for life and leadership in the 21st century.

Enroll or take an elective in one of our departments: Art History and Visual Studies, School of Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing.

There’s an added value to an arts education, and that’s being able to make sense of a complex world in rapidly changing times."   — The Globe and Mail, 2013


April 2 African Percussion Concert

African Percussion Concert

12-12:40pm Thursday, April 2
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
Details here

Enjoy a free concert with the 35-member UVic African Percussion Ensemble as they perform a repertoire of rhythms from West Africa on traditional instruments like the djembe (hand drum), balafon (African xylophone) and dundun (bass drum). Dancing is welcome!

April 2 Don Wright Symphonic Winds

10 Years of The Don Wright Symphonic Winds

8pm Thursday, April 2
University Centre Farquhar Auditorium
Tickets $5-$15
More info here

Dr. Michael Keddy conducts a selection of musical favourites from the first 10 years of the Don Wright Symphonic Winds.

April 8 Poetry Without Borders

Poetry Without Borders

7:30pm Wednesday, April 8
Munro's Books, 1108 Government
More info here 

Victoria is home to an intimate community of poets who draw inspiration from all corners of the worlds. Experience this evening of transcontinental readings with Writing instructor Patrick Friesen and three other local poets.

April 9 Twin Kennedy

Alumni Concert Series: Twin Kennedy

8pm Thursday, April 9
Phillip T Young Recital Hall
Tickets $14-$18
Details here

aBusy School of Music alumni Carli and Julie Kennedy (B.Mus ’08) return as they country music duo Twin Kennedy to present a CD release concert for their new album, It’s A Love Thing, blending their classical training with country roots.

April 14 On the Road

On the Road

7:30pm Tuesday, April 14
Munro's Books, 1108 Government
More info here 

Join some of Victoria’s hottest fiction writers for this evening of exploration and conversation. Featuring Writing instructor Charles Tidler and Writing MFA alumnus Aaron Shepard, plus two other local authors.

April 17-25 In Search Of

In Search Of

Visual Arts BFA Exhibit
April 17-25, Visual Arts Building
Opening reception 7pm Friday, April 17
Details here

More than 35 graduating artists will exhibit their work in this highly anticipated annual event. Where will their search take them? Join us for the opening reception and an exhibition that will feature a wide variety of mediums—including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation and extended media works.

April 23 26 - Writing True

Writing True

The Creative Nonfiction Collective Society annual conference
April 23 - 26, Laurel Point Inn
Details here

The Creative Nonfiction Collective Society (CNFC) is a Canadian organization for writers of creative / literary / narrative nonfiction, and a number of the Department of Writing faculty and instructors are members. This year, their annual conference is here in Victoria and offers a great opportunity to sharpen your CNF skills.

Exhibit & Shows

Feb 6 - March 14 — Mike McLean: Latent Image (Part One)

Mike McLean: Latent Image (Part One)

Feb 6 – March 14
Deluge Contemporary Art, 636 Yates
Details here

Visual Arts MFA alum Mike McLean focuses on techniques created for reproducing the first photographic images with the 19th-century Kodak 1 camera. By allowing for fluid investigations of the medium itself, McLean reignites interest in the way photographs are made and perceived in our media-saturated society.

Until Mar 28 — Exhibit: In Session—One

Exhibit: In Session—One

Jan 17 – March 28
Legacy Art Gallery Downtown, 630 Yates Street
Details here

The first of an ongoing series featuring artists who work as Sessional Instructors in UVic’s Visual Arts department, this first exhibition looks at the recent practice of four artists who work with photography, video, and digital media arts. In Session—One celebrates the significance and power of artists Megan Dickie, Laura Dutton, d. bradley muir and Tara Nicholson. Curated by UVic Art Collection director Mary Jo Hughes.

Until April 12— Robert Youds: For Everyone A Sunset

Robert Youds
For Everyone A Sunset

Continues to April 12
Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite, 1100 West Georgia (between Thurlow & Bute)
Details here

"Visual Arts professor Robert Youds' enigmatic light sculpture For Everyone a Sunset transforms ordinary materials such as aluminum, salvaged glass and neon lighting into cinematic plays of light that activate its surroundings. For Everyone a Sunset exists between architecture and design, uniformity and variety, highlighting the intersection of built and natural environments. Shifting tonality as it moves through laminate coloured glass, the light in Youds' work captures our gaze and holds it suspended, suggesting a plenitude of possibilities amidst the regularity of the urban grid."—Vancouver Art Gallery

Job Postings

Employment Opportunities

The University of Victoria is an equity employer and encourages applications from women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, Aboriginal Peoples, people of all sexual orientations and genders, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of the University.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, in accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

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Fine Arts offers the following courses as elective to students in all faculties.

Art History & Visual Studies

Fine Arts

  • All Fine Art courses (FA) are available except FA 305 and FA 356, which are open to Fine Art students only.


MUS 111 Elementary Materials of Music 
MUS 108 African Hand Drumming
MUS 109 Great Film Music
MUS 115 Listening to Music
MUS 188 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 207 Music, Science, and Computers 
MUS 208 Popular Music & Society
MUS 209 Topics in Applied Music 
MUS 288 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 308 Popular Music & Society II
MUS 309 Topics in Applied Music II
MUS 316A History of Rock & Roll
MUS 316B The Beatles
MUS 319 Music and Culture of Cuba
MUS 320 Topic in World Music
MUS 325 The History of Jazz
MUS 328A  Keyboard Literature: 1500 ‚Äì 1820
MUS 328B Keyboard Literature 1820 to the Present
MUS 329 Women and Music
MUS 335 Singing for the Stage
MUS 365 History of the Guitar
MUS 388 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 391 Cross Cultural & Historical Topics in Music
MUS 488 Philomela Women's Choir

Other Music courses may be open to non-BMus students if they have the pre-
requisites (or equivalent background) AND if space is available. Please contact the School of Music.School of Music.


THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 102 Theatre Appreciation: From Page to Stage
THEA 122 The Acting Experience
THEA 111 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre:I (limited seats available contact the Theatre Department)
THEA 112 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre:II (limited seats available contact the Theatre Department)
THEA 132 Exploring Theatre Through Dramatic Process
THEA 150 Speech Communication: Public Speaking
THEA 210 Theatre from French Classicism to the End of the 19th Century (permission of Theatre)
THEA 211 Modern Theatre (permission of Theatre)
THEA 312 Introduction to the History of Japanese Theatre
THEA 328 The Theatre of Indonesia 
THEA 362 Costume History and Design: I
THEA 363 Costume History and Design: II
THEA 412 Modern Japanese Theatre
THEA 414 Studies in Canadian Theatre and Drama

The following Theatre courses may be open to non-majors in Theatre if they have the pre-requisites (or equivalent background) AND if space is available. Please contact the Theatre Department.

THEA 309A History of Opera to the Late Nineteenth Century
THEA 309B  Modern Opera 
THEA 310 Seminar in Theatre History: I
THEA 311 Seminar in Theatre History: II
THEA 314 Studies in Theatre in the Ancient World
THEA 315 Studies in Medieval Theatre
THEA 316 Studies in Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical Theatre
THEA 317 Studies in 19th Century Theatre
THEA 318 Studies in 20th Century Theatre
THEA 319 Studies in Renaissance Theatre
THEA 410 Seminar in Theatre History: III
THEA 411 Seminar in Theatre History: IV


Visual Arts
ART 103 Foundation Drawing and Painting
ART 104 Foundation Sculpture and Material Methods
ART 105 Foundation Photography and Video Art
ART 106 Foundation Core Media Technologies and Arts
ART 115 Exploring Drawing and Colour
ART 116 An Introduction to Documentary Photography
ART 117 An Introduction to Observational Drawing
ART 118 An Introduction to Colour
ART 141 An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography
ART 150 Art Theory
ART 151 Introduction to Contemporary Visual Art
ART 201 Drawing
ART 202 Drawing
ART 211 Painting
ART 212 Painting
ART 221 Sculpture
ART 222 Sculpture
ART 241 Photography
ART 242 Photography
ART 261 Digital Photo-Arts
ART 262 Digital Media Arts
ART 271 Video Art
ART 272 Video Art


ART 103 Foundation Drawing and Painting
WRIT 100 Introduction to Writing
WRIT 102 Introduction to Professional Nonfiction
WRIT 109 The Writer's World in Books & Film 
WRIT 300 Narrative and Mythic Structure in Film Writing
WRIT 302 Special, Study in Craft 
WRIT 307 Basic Forms and Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 308 Advanced Forms and Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 309 Basic Forms and Techniques in Short Fiction
WRIT 310 Basic Forms and Techniques in the Novel
WRIT 311 Structure in Stage Drama
WRIT 312 Structure in Cinema and Television Drama
WRIT 313 Recurrent Themes in Literature
WRIT 314 Changing Perspectives in Literature
WRIT 329 Twentieth-Century Film Writing
WRIT 321 Issues in Journalism
WRIT 326 Digital Media for Storytellers
WRIT 330 Media and Culture
WRIT 335 Basic Forms and Techniques in Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 336 Advanced Forms and Techniques in Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 410 Special, Genres Lecture 
WRIT 412 Recurrent Themes in Film
WRIT 440 The Writing Business


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