Good Person of Setzuan

November 8 – 24, 2012

By Bertolt Brecht
Direction Conrad Alexandrowicz
Set Design Simon Farrow
Costume Design Kat Jeffery
Lighting Design Bryan Kenney
Composer & Music Direction Francis Melling
Stage Manager Kristen Iversen

It could be any city… It could be Victoria.

Brecht’s timeless parable tells the story of a young prostitute, Shen Te, and her attempts to do the right thing and be a good person. In the play, as today, economic times are tight, when three gods come in search of “one good person” and have a difficult time finding anyone but Shen Te to help them. As a thank-you for her act of kindness to the gods, Shen Te is granted a new life with the ownership of her own tobacco shop. Now as a shop owner she struggles even harder to continue to be good as others, who are just trying to survive themselves, impose on her goodness and generosity. To avoid financial ruin, she invents Shui Ta –  a shrewd, no-nonsense male cousin to protect her business interests.

This "visually striking and... entertaining" production of Good Person of Setzuan is set in a modern-day, "anywhere" city -- where the influence of corporations and globalization loom over the inhabitants of Setzuan as heavily as the skyline of gleaming international buildings looms over their impoverished slums.

As topical and poignant today as when it was written!

  • "A Person worth getting to know" Times Colonist

Unemployed Man, Shui Ta's Agent: Alex Carson
Mi Tzu: Amy Culliford
Grandfather: Kevin Eade
Second God: Molison Farmer
Mrs. Yang: Julie Forrest
Yang Sun: Alex Frankson
First God: Robin Gadsby
Wife: Alberta Holden
Nephew: Jenson Kerr
Musician/Busker: Francis Melling
Lin To, Waiter: Logan Mitev
Sister-in-Law: Michelle Morris
Niece: Kathleen O'Reilly
Wang: Kale Penny
Shen Te, Shui Ta: Veronique Piercy
Husband: William Reggler
Policeman: Levi Schneider
Boy, Ni Tzu, Priest: Ian Simms
Prostitute: Tea Siskin
Brother: Markus Spodzieja
Mrs. Shin: Christie Stewart
Shu Fu: Derek Wallis
Third God: Kieran Wilson

Dates & Events

Public Previews @ 8pm: ($7 tickets after 5pm) : November 6 & 7
Evenings @ 8pm: November 8 (Opening), 9 (Preshow Lecture), 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
Matinee @ 2pm: Saturday, November 24

Pre-Show Lecture: Friday November 9 @ 7pm
The Director's Series with director Conrad Alexandrowicz
Join us for our series this year that puts our directors front and centre talking about the inspiration for their play.

This lecture was recorded and the audio file posted below. Listen now to hear the director talk about Brecht, his times, his plays, and his philosophies.

Seating Plan: Chief Dan George Theatre

Box office: Opens October 30, 2012




Photo: Ryan Sestric