FIND 2009 Studio Series

March 5, 6 & 7, 2009

A series of five one-act plays written by emerging playwrights from the Department of Writing and performed and directed by Theatre Students. Audiences can pick and choose the plays that most interest them, or stay for the entire evening!

Performances begin at 7pm with two intermissionsin our funky coffee-house setting in the lobby. Full play descriptions below schedule.

Thursday March 5

7:00pm Heart Throb
7:45pm In Conclusion
8:15pm Charlie Dies at the End
8:40pm Concrete Monsters
8:45pm The Scraps

Friday March 6

7:00pm In Conclusion
7:30pm Charlie Dies at the End
7:55pm Concrete Monsters
8:00pm The Scraps
8:45pm Heart Throb

Saturday March 7

7:00pm Concrete Monsters
7:05pm The Scraps
7:50pm Heart Throb
8:35pm In Conclusion
9:05pm Charlie Dies at the End


2009 FIND Studio Series Plays:

Charlie Dies at the End
by Graham Roebuck
Directed by Emily MacArthur
A darkly comic tale of two people trapped in an underwater research craft. One is unconscious, the other is far too conscious, and the air is running out. (10 minutes)

March 5 @ 8:15 | March 6 @ 7:30 | March 7 @ 9:05

In Conclusion
by Stacey Ashworth
Directed by Tyler Longmire
Samuel, a 30-something cabbie, grapples over his past with hopes to achieve life over death. His darker side, however, has other plans. (30 minutes)

March 5 @ 7:45 | March 6 @ 7:00 | March 7 @ 8:35

Heart Throb
by Jessica Bloom
Directed by Lisi Tessler
Inspired by true events, Heart Throb, is a play about grief, love, and chance. At the site of a horrific triple murder, a family forms out of a shell-shocked teenage boy, his well-meaning girlfriend and the couple who bought his house. Coloured by infrared vision, scratch cards and a dead moose, Heart Throb fuses elements of surrealism and poetry into an event too realistic to believe" (30 minutes)

March 5 @ 7:00 | March 6 @ 8:45 | March 7 @ 7:50

Concrete Monsters
by Will Johnson
Directed by Emily McArthur
"I've never liked Alice. I know she's your sister and I'm here, I'm at her wedding. But I shouldn't have to pretend to like her." So starts Concrete Monsters, and a one-man show about Eric's attempt to navigate the messy terrain of his crumbling life. (10 minutes)

March 5 @ 8:40 | March 6 @ 7:55 | March 7 @ 7:00

The Scraps
by James Roney
Directed by Madeleine Wilson
A story of those who commit crimes and get away with it, "The Scraps" tells the tale -- from the perspective of a boy -- who helps a con man take advantage of a senior citizen. (30 Minutes)

March 5 @ 8:45 | March 6 @ 8:00 | March 7 @ 7:05


Tickets: Performances start at 7:00 pm and play order changes each evening. Tickets:$2.50 per show, $10 for the evening. Available only at the door.

Seating Plan: Barbara McIntyre Studio




The Phoenix lobby in coffee-house mode.


Sean Sager, Ingrid Hansen and Jesse Wilson in The "Curse of Macbeth" from Studio Series 2008



The Phoenix lobby in coffee-house mode.