Ned Vukovic - On Leave

BA Manchester Metropolitan University
Senior Instructor

Brief Biography

Actor, teacher and producer Ned Vukovic has been one of Toronto’s most in-demand coaches and acting teachers for the past fifteen years, and has an extensive list of acting credits on stage and film in Great Britain and North America. As an actor he is a former member of both of England’s finest theatre companies, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre. He was artistic director of Solar Stage Theatre in Toronto for three years and producer/director with his own company, Lovers and Madmen, with which he created numerous projects including Molly Wood at the Bathurst St. Theatre, which received eight Dora Mavor Moore nominations and won Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Play in 1995.

Ned has taught at Theatre Humber, Equity Showcase Toronto, The Actors’ Centre London, England, and The University of Toronto. He has appeared in over seventy-five films, most recently as the court psychiatrist Dr. Neuman in CBC’s This is Wonderland. As one of Canada’s leading dialect coaches, Ned has been responsible for the voice convention on numerous theatre, film and TV projects including The Englishman's Boy (Minds Eye Entertainment / CBC), Caryl Churchill's A Number (Belfry), Night at the Museum (Fox), How She Move. (Sienna Films), K.A.W. (First Reel Entertainment), and Top Girls (Phoenix Theatre, UVic), Touch of Pink, Hitler: the Rise of Evil, Salem Witch Trials (CBS), and Blue/Orange (Can Stage). To date, Ned has taught dialects to hundreds of actors across the continent, including seven Academy Award winners.

Recent professional achievements

  • The Englishman's Boy Dialect Coach. Minds Eye Entertainment / CBC. Arkansas dialect coaching with R.H. Thompson. Summer 2006.
  • A Number. Dialect Coach. Belfry Theatre, Victoria, April 2006.
  • Night at the Museum. Dialect Coach. 20th Century Fox Pictures, 2006.
  • How She Move. Dialect Coach. Sienna Films, 2006.
  • K.A.W. Dialect Coach. First Reel Entertainment, 2006.
  • Top Girls and Tyrants Dialect Coach. Phoenix Theatre, UVic, 2005 - 2006.
  • Four Minutes. Dialect Coach. ESPN/ Four Minute Productions (2005)
  • Felicity. Dialect Coach. Warner Brothers Films  (2005)
  • The Cross Road. Dialect Coach. Akits Films/Cedar Avenue Productions (2005)
  • Human Trafficking. Dialect Coach for Robert Carlyle. Life Network (2005)
  • Our Fathers. Principal Actor. Showtime Networks (2005)
  • La Vida Secreta de las Palabras (The Secret Life of Words) Dialect Coach for Sarah Polley. El Deseo S.A.& Hotshot Films (2004)
  • Our Fathers. Dialect Coach for Ted Danson, Ellen Burstyn, and over 90 other actors. Showtime Network (2004)
  • This is Wonderland.  Series Regular, 3 seasons. Indian Grove/Muse Entertainment Enterprises. CBC TV (2004)
  • Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story.Principal Actor. Fox TV Network (2003)
  • Ace Lightning. Series Regular, 2 seasons.Alliance-Atlantis/BBC Worldwide (2002)
  • Countdown. Principal Actor. Aircraft Pictures (2001/02)
  • Being Julia. Post-production dialect coaching of Bruce Greenwood, Shaun Evans, and Annette Benning. Serendipity Point Films, Dir. Istvan Szabo (2004)
  • Dead Fish. Dialect coach for Robert Carlyle.Franchise Pictures (2003)
  • Blue/Orange.Dialect coach. CanStage/Berkley St. Theatre, Toronto. (2003)
  • Radio Free Roscoe. Dialect Coach. DECODE/Nutley Productions (2003)
  • Touch of Pink.Dialect coach for Jimi Mistry, Kristen Holden-Reid, and Kyle Maclachlan. Sienna Film Productions (2003)
  • Hitler; The Rise of Evil. Dialect coach for Robert Carlyle, Matthew Modine and Peter O’Toole; actor. ActorCBS/Alliance –Atlantis (2002-3)
  • Jasper, Texas. Actor; and Dialect Coach for Jon Voight and Lou Gossett Jr. ShowTime Network (2002)
  • Hell on Heels: The Battle for Mary Kay.Dialect Coach for Shirley McLaine. CBS/Alliance-Atlantis (2002)
  • Haven. Principal Actor. Alliance-Atlantis Films (2001)
  • The Crossing. Principal Actor. A&E TV (2000/01)
  • Canada: a People’s History.  Various Voices. CBC TV (2000)
  • Salem Witch Trials. Dialect Consultant for over 70 roles; Actor.CBS/Alliance Atlantis (2001)
  • I Was A Rat.Dialect coach; Actor. BBC/Catalyst Entertainment (2001)
  • The Associates II &I. Series dialect coach. CTV/Alliance Atlantis (2000-01)
  • Fear of Flying. Director. Solar Stage and Toronto Fringe Festival (2000)
  • Artistic Director, Solar Stage Theatre, Toronto (1997-2001)

Recent awards and honours

  • Two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, for Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Play, plus 11 other Dora Nominations, Lovers and Madmen (1995-2000)
  • Nomination, Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production. Munsch Madness (2000)
  • Many awards and nominations won by actors, films, and TV series coached:
    •  Golden Globe Award,  and Academy Award Nomination, by Annette Benning for Being Julia (2005)
    •  Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries, plus 7 other Emmy Nominations for Hitler; The Rise of Evil (2002-03)
    •  Golden Globe Nominations for Shirley MacLaine and Parker Posey in Hell on Wheels: The Battle for Mary Kay (2002)
    •  Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actor for Pedro Salvin for Amazon (2000)