From Ithaca to Number 31328: Greek Literature of the First World War


The First World War for Greece was only part of a series of conflicts that opened with the Balkan Wars in 1911 and ended with the creation of modern Turkey in 1923. Starting from an unknown gem in UVic’s library collection, the speaker will discuss how the literature of that period does more than reflect on the Greek participation in the Great War. It has left a heavy legacy by reflecting the ebbs and flows of national sentiment, the tragedies of loss and triumphs of survival.

Dr. Evanthia BaboulaAssistant Professor
Department of Art History and Visual Studies
University of Victoria

November 27, 2014
David Strong Building C118
4:30 pm


November 7, 2014 – March 2, 2015
Legacy Maltwood (The Mearns Centre | McPherson Library | Uvic)
Curated by Dr. Marcus Milwright | Department of Art History and Visual Studies
Open to the public | Free Admission