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Poetry: Recent Summary

Lectures and class discussions outline such basic elements as the poetic line, figurative language, diction, form, and sound devices. Poems will be studied in depth and discussed from the point of view of a writer who passionately revises, rather than a critic or literary historian. The focus will be on how great poems are built. You will be required to write three poems, as well as participate in the occasional writing activity during class time. Your grade for written work will be based upon how well you have met the specific requirements of the assignment and how well you perform in such areas as imaginative content, the use of figurative language, diction, form, and the poem’s overall cohesion. At least one of the classes will be based on a discussion of student poems in order for you to become acquainted with the basics of effective editorial criticism and the process of revision. An exam will test your grasp of key terms and concepts.

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