The Writing Major Program

Advanced Standing

Students requesting advanced standing (i.e. admission to second-year workshops without taking WRIT 100) must submit a portfolio.

Cover Letter

The portfolio should include a cover letter that lists the applicant's relevant academic experience, any publishing credits, and preferred genre(s).


The portfolio must include samples from all five genres taught in WRIT 100:

  • 25–35 lines of poetry
  • a maximum 1,000-word short story
  • a maximum 1,000-word creative nonfiction story
  • a 5–7 page stage play or excerpt
  • a 5–7 page screenplay or excerpt

Under exceptional circumstances, students with a strong record of professional publication may apply for advanced standing in a single genre and submit a portfolio that contains samples of their published work. WRIT 100 is still highly recommended.


The manuscript must be typed, double-spaced, with page numbers and the applicant's name on each page (no photocopies of published work).


Manuscripts must be submitted to the department between January 15 and April 15 to receive advanced standing for the following fall/spring semester.

WARNING: Advanced standing does not guarantee placement in workshops. No student will be permitted to take more than 1.5 units of workshops in a single genre per term, or more than 3.0 units of workshops in any given term.

Any queries regarding portfolio submissions should be directed to the Writing Department at 250-721-7306 or

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