The Professional Writing Minor

How to Apply

Apply for admission to the University of Victoria at My UVic Application.

Once enrolled at UVic, students may obtain a minor in professional writing by completing specified courses in combination with a major or an honours program through such departments as English, writing, geography, chemistry or anthropology, or in combination as part of a general degree in the faculties of humanities, science or social sciences.

The professional writing minor is offered by the Department of Writing (Faculty of Fine Arts) at the University of Victoria. The PW minor offers courses in journalism, media studies, electronic publishing, and creative nonfiction.

All professional writing students are advised to apply to the Humanities, Fine Arts and Professional Writing Co-op program in order to obtain on-the-job experience. The goal of the program is to develop skills required to succeed as a professional writer in business, industry, government, journalism, and publishing.

Regular Admission:

Students wishing to enter the professional writing minor must complete the following steps:




Apply to the Office of the Registrar for acceptance to the Unversity of Victoria.


Register for at least 3.0 units of WRIT 100, 102, 140; ENGL 115, 135, 146, 147, 215; ENGR 240.  (WRIT 102 is highly recommended.)

*See About the professional writing minor for full program details.

Students can/should declare the professional writing minor after completing 3.0 units of WRIT 100, 102, 140; ENGL 115, 135, 146, 147, 215; or ENGR 240, with at least a B grade in each course. The minor cannot stand alone; therefore students must also declare a major with the minor. (Contact the advising office for the faculty in which your major's department is situated; e.g. fine arts for writing, humanities for English, social sciences for psychology, etc.) After completing the prerequisites above, students can register in WRIT 215 and 315 for second year.

Some departments, however, do not permit students to declare a major until they have completed first year—which prevents them from declaring the professional writing minor and registering in WRIT 215 or 216. In these cases, students should contact both the fine arts advisor ( and the writing department secretary, Valerie Tenning (, and forward their registration date and time, so we can register them automatically in WRIT 215 and 216.

For admission to 300- and 400-level courses, students must have the required year standing and/or the particular course prerequisites.

Students are advised to check the minor requirements before registering in professional writing courses.



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