About the Department of Writing

Workshops Are Key

Led by established, nationally acclaimed faculty and sessional instructors breaking ground in their fields, small groups of students discuss and analyze their work in dynamic and intensive peer sessions to develop both their craft and critical ability.

Workshops in poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction are supplemented by lectures on craft and courses in each genre, publishing, journalism, editing, photojournalism, audio and screenwriting, multimedia and electronic design for the web and print. In addition to faculty and sessional instructors the department also hosts regular visits by celebrated and international writers.

Undergraduate Program

The UVic Writing Program allows students to develop their writing skills in the imaginative genres of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, screenwriting and playwriting. The writing major leads to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, depending on the non-program courses selected.

Graduate Program

The Department of Writing offers an MFA in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenwriting and playwriting. Click the links for more about our MFA program or for frequently asked questions. The deadline for applications is December 1.

Professional Writing Minor

The Department of Writing offers a minor in professional writing emphasizing journalism, media studies and publishing. The goal of the program is to develop skills required to succeed as a professional writer in journalism, publishing, government or industry.

Major in Writing and Minor in Professional Writing

Students who are interested in completing both a major program in writing (specializing in fiction, poetry, drama and/or creative nonfiction) and a minor program in professional writing (specializing in journalism and publishing) should take WRIT 100 and WRIT 102 in their first year of study. Similarly, students who are not yet certain whether they would prefer to do a major in writing or a minor in professional writing or both are advised to enroll in WRIT 100 and WRIT 102 in their first year to keep all three options open.

Interfaculty Double Major

A fine arts student majoring in writing may concurrently satisfy the requirements for the major program of a department in the faculties of humanities, science or social sciences. Conversely, a student pursuing a major program for the BA degree within the faculties of humanities, science or social sciences may concurrently satisfy the requirements for the major program of the department of writing as approved for the faculty of fine arts. Only one BA degree with a double major will be awarded on the recommendation of the faculty in which the student is registered.

Writing/Theatre Focus

Students wishing to pursue a double major in writing and theatre must be accepted into both departments. Students must apply to theatre by February 28 and writing by March 31 for a September start. Please visit each department's website to determine what is required for admission. Students should contact Fine Arts Advising to obtain assistance with planning their program.


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