Kari Teicher

Master's Candidate

B.A. (King's College)

Office: FIA 226


Areas of Research & Creative Activity

Fiction, poetry, playwriting.


Originally a Toronto native, Kari Teicher has spent the last four years honing her writing skills in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the University of King’s College. Kari received training in poetry, fiction, and playwriting while studying in a Creative Writing and History undergraduate program on the East Coast. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in numerous creative magazines and journals across Canada including Incite (2013), Joypuke (2014), and Fathom (2015, 2016). Her pieces tend to focus on small Canadian towns, dysfunctional family relationships, and food. Kari has done several public readings of her creative work around the Halifax area, and comes from a performing arts background in both jazz vocals and Shakespearean and Contemporary / Modern theatre in Toronto.


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