Faculty & Staff


Bill Gaston, B.A., M.A., M.F.A. (UBC)
Fiction, creative nonfiction, drama for stage and screen.

Maureen Bradley, B.A., M.A. (Concordia), M.F.A. (UBC)
Graduate Advisor, Film production, experimental film, drama, documentary, Canadian and queer media arts.

Lee Henderson, B.F.A., M.F.A. (UBC)
Director of Professional Writing, fiction, creative nonfiction, the graphic novel.

Lorna Jackson, B.A., M.A. (UVic)
Fiction, short story, literature of sport, personal essay, writer as teacher, the agrarian landscape.

Kevin Kerr, B.A. (UBC)
Stage, screen, collaborative creation, site-specific theatre, multi-media performance.

David Leach, B.A. (UVic), M.A. (Queen's)
Department Chair, creative nonfiction, literary journalism, travel writing, magazine publishing.

Tim Lilburn, B.A. (Regina), M.A. (Gonzaga), Ph.D. (McMaster)
Poetry, the philosophical essay, the ecological essay.

Joan MacLeod, B.A. (UVic), M.A. (UBC)
Stage drama, dramatic monologue, television drama, and contemporary Canadian theatre.


Sessional Instructors

Frances Backhouse, B.Sc. (Alberta), M.F.A. (UVic)
Creative nonfiction, literary journalism, narrative approaches to writing about science and history, travel writing.

Marita Dachsel, B.F.A., M.F.A. (UBC)
Poetry, drama.

Patrick Friesen, B.A. (Hons.) (Manitoba)
Poetry, essay, cross-genre.

Christin Geall, B.A. (UVic), M.F.A. (Southern Maine)
Creative nonfiction, personal essay, memoir.

David Geiss, B.F.A. (Regina), M.F.A. (UVic)
Documentary, animation, experimental, queer, film & video.

Stephanie Harrington, B.J. (Carleton), M.C.I. (Queensland)
Creative nonfiction.

Annabel Howard, B.A. (Oxford), M.A. (East Anglia), M.F.A. (UVic)
Creative nonfiction.

Portia Priegert, B.A. (Alberta), B.F.A. (UBC), M.F.A. (UBC)
Journalism, arts writing, magazine publishing, poetry.

Vivian Smith, B.A., M.A. (Western Ontario)
Journalism, non-fiction and humour writing, gender issues, teaching, coaching.

D. W. Wilson, B.A. (UVic), M.A. (UEA), Ph.D. (UEA)
The short story, the novel, screenwriting.


Academic & Professional Staff

Daniel Hogg, B.F.A. (UVic)
Screenwriting, film production, digital media.


Valerie Tenning
Department Secretary


Masters Candidates

Levi Binnema, B.A. (Alberta)
Poetry, short fiction.

Alexa Eldred, B.F.A. (UVic)

K'ari Fisher, B.Sc. (UVic)

Stephanie Harrington, B.J. (Carleton), M.C.I. (Queensland)
Creative nonfiction.

Sarah Hamill, B.C.S. (MacEwan)
Creative nonfiction, memory, flash, personal essays.

Daniel Hogg, B.F.A. (UVic)
Screenwriting, film production, digital media.

Elliott James, B.F.A. (Alberta)
Playwrighting, theatre.

Kelsey Lauder, B.F.A. (UVic)

Nicola MacWilliam, B.A. (Mt. Allison), B.Ed. (St. Mary's)

Claire Mulligan, B.A. (UBC)
Screen, novels, short fiction.

Kari Teicher, B.A. (King's College)
Fiction, poetry, playwrighting.

Melissa Taylor, B.F.A. (UVic)
Playwrighting, theatre.


Faculty Emeriti

Lorna Crozier, B.A. (Saskatchewan), M.A. (Alberta)
Poetry, essays, memoir. Art and the environment.

Jack Hodgins, B.Ed., (UBC)
Fiction, short fiction.

Margaret Hollingsworth, B.A. (Lakehead), M.F.A. (UBC)
Writing for the stage, radio, and screen; fiction, non-fiction.

Lynne Van Luven, B.A. (Saskatchewan), M.A., Ph.D. (Alberta)
Creative nonfiction, especially the memoir; print journalism, especially newspapers; editing and the creation of anthologies; nonfiction as a tool for social change, research into ageing.

Derk Wynand, B.A., M.A. (UBC)
Poetry, translation.


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