WRIT 410: Special Genres Lecture:

Calendar Description:

A lecture course examining elements of craft in a particular genre, such as nature writing, travel narrative, the prose poem, or children's literature.

Recent Summary:

2015: Writing Hip-Hop
Instructor: Jason Jobin
This course, though it will include listening components, is focused on the writing behind the music: the rhymes, the techniques, the syncopation of a rap song, and how the way it is written translates to the way it is eventually spoken or performed. There will be assignments examining written technique and rhyme schemes, as well as a final written project either examing a particular artist’s hip hop writing or writing an original song.


Course#: WRIT 410
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: Second-year standing.

Note: May be taken more than once for credit in different topics to a maximum of 3 units.


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