WRIT 403: Advanced Playwriting Workshop

Calendar Description:

A workshop in writing for the stage.

Recent Summary:

This senior level workshop will give you the opportunity to revise and complete a stage play– forty pages in total. If you are working in a longer form– a full length stage play– you may submit forty pages of a completed Act. You are required to be prepared for and participate actively in all workshop discussions. You are also required to make written comments on other students’ manuscripts before workshopping. You are expected to participate actively in all in-class writing exercises and to write a three page monologue which will be presented orally to the class. You are also required to attend a performance of live theatre and to write a two page review.



Course#: WRIT 403
Units: 1.5 Hours: 0-3

Prerequisites: Either 3.0 units of 305, or 1.5 units of 305 and 1.5 units of 325, or permission of the department

Note: May taken more than once for credit with permission of the department to a maximum of 3 units. Normally class size is limited.


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