WRIT 336: Forms & Techniques
in Long Creative Nonfiction

Calendar Description:

A lecture course surveying long forms of creative nonfiction.

Recent Summary:

Writing 336 is a lecture/seminar course that examines the forms and techniques of contemporary long-form creative nonfiction, including books, nonvellas and long-form essays. As we read and talk about examples of the genre, we will consider writing strategies and the challenges and opportunities associated with going long in CNF. Class presentations on individually reviewed books will widen the scope of our discussions. We will also explore the current publishing landscape for CNF books in Canada and the process of creating a published book, including the critical step of writing a book proposal. Over the term, you will develop an idea for a creative nonfiction book and produce elements of a proposal for that idea.



Course#: WRIT 336
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: Second-year standing.


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