WRIT 308:
Advanced Forms and Techniques in Poetry

Calendar Description:

A lecture course surveying formal structures in poetry in a representative group of poems. Topics discussed include poetic closure, the sonnet, sestina, villanelle and ghazal, and the influence of early twentieth-century poetic movements such as imagism on contemporary poetic forms.

Recent Summary:

Although WRIT 307 is not a prerequisite, you will find the material in W308 easier to handle if you've taken WRIT 307 first. WRIT 308 is also meant to complement the poetry workshops but is a lecture/seminar class that examines various poetic forms, including the sonnet and sestina. It also covers the characterisitcs and demands of free verse.

The course grade is based on a class presentation, poetry assignments and a final exam. To apply what you learn from this course to the poems you write for workshops, you should try to take this course in second or third year though fourth year students are welcome.



Course#: WRIT 308
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: Second-year standing.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 308, CW 308.


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