WRIT 307: Basic Forms and Techniques in Poetry

Calendar Description:

A lecture course surveying the functions of specific poetic techniques in a representative group of poems. Aspects of poetics discussed will include prosody, sound patterns, diction and figurative language.

Recent Summary:

This is a lecture/seminar course covering various elements of poetry, including diction, prosody and rhyme. It is meant to enrich and supplement the writing you do in poetry workshops. To apply what you learn in this course to the poems you submit for workshops, you're advised to take WRIT 307 in your second year, though you're welcome to enroll in third or fourth. You'll be required to submit four assigned poems, as well as write a midterm and final exam.



Course#: WRIT 307
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: Second-year standing.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 307, CW 307.


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