WRIT 304: Fiction Workshop

Calendar Description:

A workshop in the writing of fiction.

Recent Summary:

Writing 304 is an advanced fiction workshop and, as such, promotes and aims to achieve professional (publishing) writing standards. It is assumed that students will have a sound working knowledge of the basic elements of short fiction.

Students are required to submit three short stories (3500 words each minimum). Each story-a complete polished draft-must be submitted one week prior to the workshop.

Students will read critically, discuss with care, and provide written commentary on all work from every student. Although the most obvious benefit of the workshop is the response and guidance the writer gets from others, almost as important is the practice he or she gets in criticizing and editing-practice that should help develop the skills for becoming one's own best critic and editor.

Instruction will arise out of and be aimed at specific student work. The instructor will guide the direction of discussion, including soliciting responses from individuals, but the workshop will run largely on the naturally evolving input of participants. The instructor will provide both verbal and written critiques of each workshopped story.



Course#: WRIT 304
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: WRIT 202 with a minimum grade of B-; or permission of department.

Note: May be repeated once. Class size is limited.


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