WRIT 300:
Narrative & Mythic Structure in Film Writing

Calendar Description:

A survey course of global cinema examining archetypal and mythic structure in classical narrative film writing.

Recent Summary:

Spring 2017: "Green" Movies: Film and the Environment
Can images and stories effect real change in the world? If “every edit is a lie” (as Jean-Luc Godard may or may not have said), then what role do ethics play in the crafting of a pointed message to be portrayed by a film, even if that message is a “progressive” one? This course will survey short and feature length films that explore climate change and the ongoing struggle between humans and our environment, with a bent toward the documentary genre. Critical discussion and creative responses will focus on environmental film or ecocinema through the lens of both fiction and non-fiction cinematic language and techniques.





Course#: WRIT 300
Units: 1.5

Prerequisites: Second-year standing.


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