WRIT 204: Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Calendar Description:

A seminar and workshop in the writing of creative nonfiction.

Recent Summary:

Writing 204 is an introductory workshop/seminar in the major forms of creative nonfiction, including the personal essay, memoir, biography, travel writing, history and social/cultural analysis. Students will be expected to read and critique peers' work submitted to the workshop along with specific assigned articles and your own research-related material. Each student will function as an editor for specific workshop submissions throughout the term. A covenant will govern the workshop interaction.
Course Goals: As an entry-level workshop, WRIT 204 gives students the opportunity to practice and explore basic nonfiction techniques in pursuit of a writerly voice. The informed personal essay will be the building block for all writing done in the semester. Students will aim for narrative structure shaped by research and fictive and dramatic techniques. The result should be authentic, factual stories.



Course#: WRIT 204
Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: 100 with a minimum of B.

Note: Class size is limited.


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