WRIT 203: Playwriting Workshop

Calendar Description:

A seminar and workshop in writing for the stage.

Recent Summary:

This will give you the opportunity to write and develop a monologue and short stage play. It will also introduce you to the principles of workshopping dramatic writing. You are expected to be prepared for and participate actively in all workshop discussions. You must read carefully and make editorial comments on other students’ work as it comes into the workshop each week, adhering to the deadlines set in class and following the guidelines on the drama edit work sheet. You are also expected to participate actively in all in-class writing exercises. You are also required to attend a performance of live theatre and to write a two page review.



Course#: WRIT 203
Units: 3.0, Hours: 0-3

Prerequisites: 100 with a minimum of B; or all of THEA 105, THEA 111, THEA 112, THEA 120 with a minimum GPA of 5.0.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 203, CW 203. Class size is limited.


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