WRIT 202: Fiction Workshop

Calendar Description:

A seminar and workshop in the writing of fiction.

Recent Summary:

Overview: This course is designed to help students gain skill in composing and revising fiction. The method is primarily that of the workshop, where the effectiveness of students' work is discussed by a readership of peers. Especially in the beginning weeks, topics pertaining to craft will be discussed.

The Workshop: The guiding principle is Do Unto Others As. That is, aim to give the writer exactly that which you yourself would hope for: an honest and helpful response from a sympathetic reader. Your response will be both verbal and—because the writer cannot absorb much talk—written, in the form of a critique.

Protocol: Because this course promotes and aims to achieve professional (publishing) writing standards, work submitted to class should be "clean"—that is, free of proofing errors and mechanical/ grammatical sloppiness. It is not the workshop's job to proofread and make corrections. Submit your work as you would to a literary journal. (Marks will be taken off if your work is substandard in this area.)

Though the instructor will guide the direction of discussion, including soliciting responses from individuals, the workshop will run largely on the naturally evolving input of participants. With that in mind, students—especially those who find it easy to speak out—are asked to stay alert to what extent they may be dominating class time.

Evaluation: Students will submit, for workshopping, five new stories, totaling approx. 20 thousands words, one of which must be historical/research-based, plus the rigorous revision of three of those (making a year-end total of eight stories). As well, you will submit copies of all critiques, which will provide the bulk of the participation grade.



Course#: WRIT 202
Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: 100 with a minimum of B.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 202, CW 202. Class sized is limited.


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