WRIT 201: Poetry Workshop

Calendar Description:

A seminar and workshop in the writing of poetry.

Recent Summary:

This is the introductory poetry workshop that runs all year and that is a prerequisite for the third year poetry workshops. Students are required to be prepared to submit one poem each week and to come to class with careful, considered commentary on the poems of their fellow students. Editoral suggestions and remarks should point out what works in the poems as well as what doesn't. In such a workshop students learn from one another as well as from the instructor. Specific assignments will be given throughout the year. Attendance is mandatory, and classroom participation and written commentary make up part of the final grade. On the last class, students will submit a portfolio of their best poems from the workshop. Late submissions will not be accepted.



Course#: WRIT 201
Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: 100 with a minimum of B.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 201, CW 201. Class size is limited.


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