WRIT 100: Introduction to Writing

Calendar Description:

A non-historical survey of the basic structures in poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, creative nonfiction and fiction, that involves the students in the writing and criticism of compositions in all five genres.

Detailed Summary:

Writing 100 is an introductory course designed to impart technique and give students practical experience in the writing of creative nonfiction, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting and poetry. Through lectures, in-class exercises, readings, written assignments and exams, you will examine the fundamental elements of each genre. The course aims to equip you with writing skills, technical knowledge and confidence that will benefit you across the genres, no matter where you choose to focus as a writer.

As well, the course will introduce you to the standards, scope and expectations of the Department of Writing. Students must score a minimum final grade of 73% (B) in WRIT 100 in order to register for second-year workshops.

To prepare for the course, and as part of your ongoing artistic practice, students are advised to read widely (journals such as Event Magazine, Maisonneuve, The New Yorker, McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, The Malahat Review, The Fiddlehead, etc. are available in the UVic library, online and in bookstores), and to attend live performances of plays (at The Belfry Theatre and UVic’s Phoenix Theatre, for example). These are fantastic resources when it comes to seeing what’s being published by both established and emerging writers.

Registration Note: When you register for WRIT 100 you must also register in both the fall section and spring section.



Course#: WRIT 100
Units: 3.0

Prerequisites: None

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 100, CW 100.


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