Course Listing

1st Year:

WRIT 100: Introduction to Writing
This is a prerequisite course for entry into the Department of Writing undergraduate programs of Poetry, Fiction, Drama and Creative Nonfiction.

WRIT 102: Introduction to Professional Nonfiction
This is a prerequisite course for the Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publishing.

WRIT 109: The Writer's World in Books and Film
WRIT 120: Writing for the Arts
WRIT 140: Elements of Style in Creative Writing

2nd Year:

WRIT 201: Poetry Workshop
WRIT 202: Fiction Workshop
WRIT 203: Playwriting Workshop
WRIT 204: Creative Nonfiction Workshop
WRIT 215: Journalism
WRIT 218: Screenwriting Workshop

3rd & 4th Year:

WRIT 300: Narrative & Mythic Structure in Film Writing
WRIT 302: Special Study in Craft
WRIT 303: Poetry Workshop
WRIT 304: Fiction Workshop
WRIT 305: Playwriting Workshop
WRIT 306: Digital Publishing
WRIT 307: Basic Forms & Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 308: Advanced Forms & Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 309: Basic Forms & Techniques in Short Fiction
WRIT 310: Basic Forms & Techniques in the Novel
WRIT 311: Structure in Stage Drama
WRIT 312: Structure in Cinema and Television Drama
WRIT 313: Recurrent Themes
WRIT 314: Changing Perspectives
WRIT 315: Advanced Journalism
WRIT 316: Creative Nonfiction Workshop
WRIT 318: Screenwriting Workshop
WRIT 319: Studies in the Graphic Novel
WRIT 320: Writing and Film Production Workshop
WRIT 321: Issues in Journalism
WRIT 322: Magazine Publishing
WRIT 324: Writing Interactive Narrative
WRIT 325: Writing for Theatrical Production Workshop
WRIT 326: Digital Media for Storytellers
WRIT 329: International Film Writing
WRIT 330: Media and Culture
WRIT 331: A Study of Narrative
WRIT 335: Forms and Techniques in Short Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 336: Forms and Techniques in Long Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 340: Elements of Style
WRIT 350: Theory and Practice of Literary Creation
WRIT 353: Writing a Sense of Place
WRIT 390/391: Directed Studies in Writing
WRIT 400: Special Genres Workshop/Seminars
WRIT 401: Advanced Poetry Workshop
WRIT 402: Advanced Fiction Workshop
WRIT 403: Advanced Playwriting Workshop
WRIT 405: Multi-Genre Workshop
WRIT 406: Writing for Children and Young Adults
WRIT 410: Special Genres Lecture
WRIT 412: Recurrent Themes in Film
WRIT 415: Literary Adaptation
WRIT 416: Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
WRIT 417: Print Publishing: Principles, Editing, & Production
WRIT 418: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop
WRIT 420: Film Writing & Production Workshop
WRIT 440: The Writing Business
WRIT 490/491: Directed Studies in Writing

Graduate Courses:

WRIT 500: Graduate Writing Workshop
WRIT 501: Special Topics in Advanced Studies in Writing
WRIT 509: Instructional Skill Preparation
WRIT 590: Directed Studies in Instructional Skills Preparation
WRIT 591: Directed Studies in Writing
WRIT 598: Major Writing Portfolio


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