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Fall/Spring 2015-2016
ART 103 Foundation Drawing and Painting

ART 104 Foundation Sculpture and Material Methods

ART 105 Foundation Photography and Video Art

ART 106 Foundation Core Media Technologies and Arts

ART 115 Exploring Drawing and Colour
ART 116 An Introduction to Documentary Photography
ART 117 An Introduction to Observational Drawing
ART 118 An Introduction to Colour
ART 141 An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography
ART 150 Art Theory

ART 151 Introduction to Contemporary Visual Art

ART 201 Drawing
ART 211 Painting

ART 212 Painting

ART 221 Sculpture

ART 222 Sculpture

ART 241 Photography

ART 242 Photography

ART 261 Digital Photo-Arts

ART 262 Digital Media Arts

ART 271 Video Art
ART 272 Video Art

Kerry Balfour

Hengshen Liu

Danielle Proteau