Video Art

In this relatively new discipline, we focus on the critical, conceptual, and aesthetic practice that informs and supports the video work of our students. Video art departs from the theatrical cinema in the sense that it does not necessarily rely on the conventions and techniques used in the mainstream film production. Rather, our classes examine the many histories of video art as well as contemporary individual artists and collectives working with the media technology and culture. We welcome and encourage experimentalism within and across the media as part of contemporary art making. Possibilities include the study and creation of single channel video, installation, performance, web-based projects, public, and interactive work.

Video equipment available includes: consumer and professional DV camcorders; a media lab equipped with Apple computers using Final Cut Pro editing systems; and various VHS and DVD players and digital projectors. Students will also have access to studio/production spaces, lighting equipment, and audio recording facilities.

Video Art Courses

ART 105: Foundation Photography and Video Art  
ART 271: Video Art ART 272: Video Art
ART 370: Digital Video Art

Faculty and Instructors

Megan Dickie
Laura Dutton
Cliff Haman
d. bradley muir
Jennifer Stillwell
Yoko Takashima