Photography students work in both black and white and color, and use both analog and digital processes. Projects vary depending on year and instructor, but there is consistent emphasis on self-awareness, innovation, and excellence.

Photography at the University of Victoria is focused on the theory and practice of the medium in the broad arena of contemporary international art. Students will be expected to achieve a level of technical expertise in analog black and white photography, and to think critically, theoretically, and conceptually about the photographic images they create, and those that surround us in the vernacular.

The Department of Visual Arts sees photo-based art as a distinct discipline, rather than a medium to document other disciplines. Instructors encourage students to expand the medium and incorporate it into other disciplines such as sculpture, video, digital media, and installation.

Photography Courses

ART 105: Foundation Photography and Video Art ART 141: An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography
ART 241: Photography ART 242: Photography
ART 306: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices I ART 340: Photography
ART 406: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices II  
ART 541: First Year Photography* ART 542: Second Year Photography*

*Graduate level courses

Faculty and Instructors

Cedric Bomford
Laura Dutton
Lynda Gammon
Emily Geen
Cliff Haman
D. Bradley Muir
Tara Nicholson
Dr. Trudi Smith
Yoko Takashima