Extended Media


Dylan Ismail 000 (0:35 min) - 5’ x 2’ Digital Video, Portable DVD Players

Our extended media program at the University of Victoria is focused on the theory and practice of digital art, and seeks to prepare students technically, aesthetically, historically, and theoretically to deal with the digital within the larger context of contemporary art production. Students learn the media of digital art (video, sound, programming, etc.) and are required to critically engage with digital technology as an art.
 We look at digital art as an integrated disciplinary area, rather than as a medium used to document other disciplines. Issues such as image manipulation, the artist as consumer/producer, the integration of media, and the use of the body in relation to technology are common themes that are explored in student and faculty work.  Students work on projects ranging from Photoshop-based collages to video installations, electronic publishing, and sound installations and are encouraged to produce work that is cross-disciplinary, engaging with the other areas of study within the visual arts.


A Combined Major in Visual Arts and Computer Science is an option for interested students.

Digital Media Arts Courses

ART 106: Foundation Core Media Technologies and Arts  
ART 261: Digital Media Arts ART 262: Digital Media Arts
ART 306: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices I ART 360: Digital Media Installation
ART 406: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices II  
ART 551: First Year Digital Media* ART 552: Second Year Digital Media*

*Graduate level courses

Faculty & Instructors

Cliff Haman
Doug Jarvis
D. Bradley Muir

Jennifer Stillwell
Yoko Takashima
Paul Walde