Sophie Babouli

Drawing has always been with us, from prehistory to the present. Primary to thinking and communicating, we make drawings to convey meaning.

As an image made by marking a surface, drawings emerge through direct observation, memory, imagination and recording of various kinds of information, as well as departing from representation altogether focusing on abstract composition, mark making, and texture.

Recent contemporary art has shown a renewed energy around drawing, and drawing has expanded to embrace practices such as video, digital art, print, installation, and photography. As well as conventional mediums such as charcoal, gouache, pencil, and paper, drawing also uses mediums such as yarn, tape, plastics, and projections.

Drawing Courses

ART 103: Foundation Drawing and Painting  
ART 201: Drawing ART 202: Drawing
ART 300: Drawing ART 306: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices I
ART 406: Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices II  
ART 500: First Year Drawing* ART 501: Second Year Drawing*

*Graduate level courses

Faculty and Instructors

Breanna Fabro
Kerri Flannigan
Laurie Freeman
Emily Geen
David Gifford
Ryan Hatfield
Todd Lambeth
Neil McClelland
Victoria Murawski
Matt Trahan
Rachel Vanderzwet
Jeroen Witvliet