Combined Major in Visual Art and Computer Science

This Combined Program allows students to merge their interests in Visual Arts and Computer Science, resulting in the opportunity to earn either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

The program has an optional co-op component. Students in this program are able to access co-op placements from the Humanities, Fine Arts and Professional Writing Co-op, or the Faculty of Engineering.

Enrollment to this program is limited and admission occurs at the end of the first year. Contact an advisor in either Visual Arts or Computer Science early in first year.


Although students are considered to be equally part of both Computer Science and Visual Arts, the "home" department for students in this Combined Program will be the Visual Arts Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts.


Students may take advantage of an optional Co-op program, coordinated through the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Professional Writing Co-op office, or the Faculty of Engineering Co-op office.


The computer has become a major tool and medium for the creation and display of visual arts. The objective of this program is to prepare students to become the new mediators between the digital art and computer science domains. Students with these skills work in the entertainment industry, in art galleries and museums, in marketing and promotion, as designers and project managers, in multimedia design and production, etc.


Advisor (Visual Arts): Sarah Riecken
Advisor (CSC): Sue Butler
Co-op info: Fine Arts Co-op, Engineering Co-op
Visual Arts Contact Information