d bradley muir





Office location: Visual Arts Building
Email: dbradleymuir@hotmail.com

d. bradley muir’s art practice is one of an active observer, attentive to details, fascinated by everyday actions, objects, gestures and observations. Through the use of photography, sculpture, video, performance and drawing, muir extrapolates pieces from the familiar, exaggerating or fragmenting that which seems common in an attempt to displace memory, desire, identity and place. Participants are encouraged to question the ways in which our physical / social world, along with our sense of identity, are constructed and influenced. Tracing through layers of meaning, small and often obscure details become points of critical application and reflection.
muir has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States, he has received numerous BC Arts Council Grants and is in public and private collections throughout Canada, including the Canada Council Art Bank and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. muir has recently had work featured in Border Crossings Magazine and has upcoming Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Calgary and Open Space in early 2011
d. bradley completed his BFA from Concordia University in 1998 with a double major in sculpture and photography and received an MFA (fellowship) from the University of Victoria in 2002.

ART 105 (Photography and Video)
ART 340 (Photography)