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Thinking and Singing

Published by Comorant Books, 2002
Edited by Tim Lilburn

Investigations into the role and importance of poetry in the culture of the mind and consciousness by some of our foremost practitioners of the art. Tim Lilburn and his interlocutors have been carrying on their "five-pointed conversation" about the relationship between poetry and philosophy for over a decade. The results of the moveable discussion have been delivered in a collection of impecably written essays, each one stamped with the artistic personality of the author.

Tim Lilburn
Robert Bringhurst
Dennis Lee
Don MacKay
Jan Zwicky

“The breadth of this book is remarkable; we move from the Presocratics and the Phaedrus all the way up through the Old West to surrealism and to the contemporary lives of birds’ nests. These works are thought-provoking investigations into how poetry and philosophy, as sympathetic impulses, as generative modes of thinking, might offer alternative ways of conceiving of one’s relation to the world, to home, to how it is we love.”
The Antigonish Review

“A gorgeous display of the attention and devotion that five individuals can offer a fine art, and an essential contribution to the study of poetics.”

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