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Selected Books

Going Home (2008)
Like his contemporaries Robert Bringhurst, Ronald Wright, Dennis Lee, Don McKay, and Jan Zwicky, Tim Lilburn has long been a deep thinker on issues of ecology and writing, and on how the two fit together philosophically, morally, and ethically. In Going Home, Lilburn addresses how we relate (often uneasily) to... (read more)

Orphic Politics (2008)
Tim Lilburn’s award-winning work has observed the natural world with an intensity of seeing and a reverence that shifts the way we understand our lives. Now, in his brilliant new collection of poems, Lilburn has turned his meticulous, unerring eye to an intimate, utterly compelling exploration of the body’s fall into illness... (read more)

Desire Never Leaves (2008)
The selected poems in Desire Never Leaves span Tim Lilburn’s career, demonstrating the evolution of a unique and careful thinker as he takes his place among the nation’s premier writers. This edition of his poetry untangles many of the strands running through his works, providing insight into a poetic world... (read more)

Kill-site (2003)
Winner of the 2003 Governor General’s Award for Poetry
To his virtuoso collection of new poems, Tim Lilburn brings a philosopher’s mind and the eyes and ears of a marsh hawk. This series of earthy meditations makes the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Lilburn’s close study of goldenrod, an ice sheet... (read more)

Thinking and Singing (2002)
Investigations into the role and importance of poetry in the culture of the mind and consciousness by some of our foremost practitioners of the art. Tim Lilburn and his interlocutors have been carrying on their "five-pointed conversation" about the relationship between poetry and philosophy for over a decade... (read more)

To the River (1999)
Winner of the 1999 Saskatchewan Book of the Year Award
To the River is a beautifully crafted gathering of poems. Turning and returning to the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, it is a compelling meditation conducted in the presence of a particular landscape. With great metaphorical muscle... (read more)

Living In The World As If It Were Home (1999)
Winner of the 1999 Saskatchewan Non-Fiction Award
Written over a nine-year span, Living In The World As If It Were Home is a careful, exquisite look at the human desire to share a home with long grass, rivers, and stones, by poet Tim Lilburn. Lilburn’s collection of essays plots... (read more)


From the Great Above She Opened Her Ear to the Great Below (1988)
In this collaboration, which can be viewed as two visions in dialogue, Shantz and Lilburn each focus on the story of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, who descends from her throne in heaven to the underworld... (read more)


Other Books & Publications


Contemplation and Resistance: an Exchange (2003)
Jackpine Press; Written with Jan Zwicky
Photography and book design by Helen Marzolf
An epistolary of poetic and philosophical thought by two of Canada's most accomplished poets, Tim Lilburn and Jan Zwicky.


Poetry and Knowing: Essays and Interviews (1995)
Quarry Press; Edited by Tim Lilburn
A collection of essays on poetics, epistemology, and ecology. Writers: Roo Borson, Robert Bringhurst, Patrick Friesen, Dennis Lee, Tim Lilburn, Kim Maltman, Don McKay, Anne Michaels, John Steffler, and Jan Zwicky.


Moosewood Sandhills (1994)
McClelland & Stewart
Winner of the Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry

Moosewood Sandhills is that rare thing, a genuinely wise book.”
— Brian Bartlett, Studies in Canadian Literature


Tourist to Ecstasy (1989)
Exile Editions
Finalist for the Governor General's Award


Names of God (1986)
Oolichan Books


20th-Century Poetry & Poetics (2006)
Oxford University Press; Edited by Gary Geddes
This gathering of poems, notes, and poetics materials, offering an in-depth portrait of fifty-nine poets whose work illustrates the major directions of poetry in English in the century, justifies the reputation of 20th-Century Poetry & Poetics as “a great critical achievement” (Eli Mandel) and as Canada’s most widely-used poetry anthology.


15 Canadian Poets x 3 (2001)
Oxford University Press; Edited by Gary Geddes
This is the fourth edition of Gary Geddes’ highly successful anthology of Canadian poetry. All of the poets included in the previous editions have been retained, although their selections have been carefully reconsidered. Among new poets added to this edition are Anne Carson, Dionne Brand, Daphne Marlatt, Fred Wah, Louise Bernice Halfe, bpNichol and Jan Zwicky.