Kitt & Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near Post-Apocalyptic Future

Presented as this year’s Spotlight on Alumni*

October 17 –26, 2013

We’re not fooling the children of the revolution!

Two awkward but imaginative 14-year-olds share their hilarious and fantastical instructions on how to survive the impending apocalypse – accompanied on their ukulele and glockenspiel! Whimsical and playful and yet very illuminating, at its heart this play is a profound exploration of the real-life concerns of today’s youth about the world they are inheriting … and what they’re prepared to do about it!

A stand-alone sequel to the highly acclaimed hit Little Orange Man, this 2012 winner of the Critics’ Choice Spotlight Award for Best New Play is a “…hilarious, invigorating piece of theatre that will follow you home.” (

*The Spotlight on Alumni program presents UVic Theatre graduates and their work as part of our mainstage season to celebrate their achievements.

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Video Interview

Ingrid Hansen talks with CVV Magazine’s John Threlfall about the world premiere of “Kitt and Jane” at the Belfry Theatre’s SPARK Festival in March 2012.

Media Reviews

“Kind of like having an exploding nova burned into your retina”
— Layne Coleman

“They will be dead in an hour, the apocalypse will occur in five years, and the world must hear their message before this happens. What follows is a wild, impressively choreographed romp that is by turns hilarious, heart-rending and in small glimpses, beautiful. . .You won’t want to leave your seat.”
The Marble

In quick succession the duo use shadow and found-object puppetry, movement, projections, video, music and storytelling as they zip from adventure to adventure – guided by their impending doom.”
— Janis Lacouvee

“This play is gold. . . The whimsical humour, manic energy, and intelligence . . . Just come prepared to drop any assumptions at the door. This is an unpredictable roller-coaster of an evening. You will not leave this show in a bad mood.”
— West of West

Endlessly unpredictable, Kitt & Jane is a hilarious, invigorating piece of theatre that will follow you home.”
— CVV Magazine


Show Dates

October 17-26, 2013

Roger Bishop Theatre

  • Public Previews @ 8pm: October 15 & 16 (Followed by talkback sessions)
  • Evening Performances @ 8pm: October 17, 18*, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
  • Matinee @ 2pm: Saturday, October 26

Performances Tuesdays through Saturdays.

  • FREE Preshow Lecture*: Friday, October 18, @ 7pm
    with Ian Case (BFA’91)
Cast & Creative

Produced by SNAFU Dance Theatre
Created by Ingrid Hansen (BFA’09), Kathleen Greenfield (BFA ’05) & Rod Peter Jr.

Directed by Kathleen Greenfield
Lighting Design by Michael Franzmann
Stage Manager Sandra Drag
Dramaturgy by Kathleen Flaherty

Ingrid Hansen
Rod Peter Jr.


LISTEN NOW! Listen to the pre-show lecture 

If you think that a theatre artist’s creativity ends when they step off the stage, think again! Many alumni have to bring their creativity to bear on their own lives when it comes to making a living in theatre and finding ways to create and present their art.

Alumnus Ian Case speaks about his past 20 years of living and working as a theatre artist on Vancouver Island. Since graduating, he has done a little of everything – and anything you could imagine – to make a career in theatre. Today he’s known for his work with Giggling Iguana Productions (which he started in 1998); for his work with William Head on Stage; for his involvement with the Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival; as well as his 10 years as the General Manager for Intrepid Theatre, producers of the Victoria Fringe Festival. More recently he has become the Director for the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium and Ceremonies and Events.