Studio Series

Presented in association with the Department of Writing

A series of short one-act plays written by emerging playwrights from the Department of Writing will be performed and directed by Theatre Students. The audience can take in one, two or all of the plays and, in between, enjoy a Phoenix-style coffee house with Torrefazione Coffee!







Mar. 2 at 7 pm / Mar. 3 at 10:15 pm / Mar. 4 at 9:05 pm

Written by Duncan Paterson 
Directed by
 Chelsea Haberlin

Cast: James KotJason MoldowanChris WilsonColby Wilson.

A bildungsroman (German: “novel of education” or “novel of formation”) is a novel that traces the spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growth of the main character. Herb writes his Bildungsroman with the help of his best buddy Cole, the hard-edged cop O’Toole, and Clark Kent.

Marietta and the Design of the New Angels

Mar. 2 at 7:35 pm / Mar. 3 at 10:50 pm / Mar. 4 at 9:40 pm

Written by Alejandro Valbuena 
Directed by Jen Quinn

Cast: Jade Chang 

This surreal story of angels, lost virginities, dancers and seagulls is set in the middle of the Atacama Desert–the driest place on earth. Thanks to Marietta’s culinary abilities, this scorched land will soon be lubricated by divine rain in a carnivalesque quest for pleasure and grace.

In Seed Time Learn

Mar. 2 at 8:20 pm / Mar. 3 at 7 pm / Mar. 4 at 10:10 pm

Written by Katie-Ellen Humphries 
Directed by Stacey Gaetz

Cast: Julia CameronAmitai MarmorsteinKassia WarshawskiChris Wilson

In a throng of folks looking only to shake it like non-diary creamer, adorably awkward Thel envisions more. As he flounders with pick-up lines and pop culture, Thel can’t help but wonder if the chance to connect with someone is really worth forfeiting his imagined ideal.

The Monkey War of Fire

Mar. 2 at 8:45 pm / Mar. 3 at 7:25 pm / Mar. 4 at 10:45 pm

Written by Russell Reilander 
Directed by Stacey Gaetz

Cast: Jason MoldowanMelanie MooreGraham Newmarch

This play is dedicated to the real Kai Kai, an actual smoking monkey that lives in a zoo in China; who, after ten years, has recently been forced to quit cold turkey. Follow Art’s war with addiction as he fights the same plight as this somewhat misunderstood smoking monkey.


Mar. 2 at 9:30 pm / Mar. 3 at 8:10 pm / Mar. 4 at 7 pm

Written by Max Forrester
Directed by Stacey Gaetz

Cast: Nicole Fraissinet

Sandra is a 17-year old girl with dyslexia who believes she can no longer handle the pressures of school and family. When she runs away from home and shows up at the door of Colin, her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, she recounts to him her story and looks for understanding.


Mar. 2 at 9:30 pm / Mar. 3 at 8:10 pm / Mar. 4 at 7 pm

Written by Leah Esau 
Directed by Chelsea Haberlin

Cast: Reid Sparling

Calvin is a gold and silver medal-winning Olympic swimmer. He lives with his friends and has an attractive girlfriend. He teaches swimming and walks dogs. He also has autism and this is his story.

Small Town Graduation

Mar. 2 at 9:50 pm / Mar. 3 at 8:30 pm / Mar. 4 at 7:20 pm

Written by Jasmine O’Brien
Directed by Jen Quinn

Cast: James KotKaitlyn RegehrKassia Warshawski

Every small town has a Rachel and a Jenny. We meet the girls on an evening before a major life transition, on the cusp of a different phase of life, full of wants and expectations. But a simple act on Jenny’s part puts in motion a challenge to their own sexual definitions, and what they have come to expect in their relationship with each other, with men, and with themselves.

Swimming Lesson

Mar. 2 at 10:25 pm / Mar. 3 at 9:10 pm / Mar. 4 at 8 pm

Written by Brie Wittman 
Directed by Jen Quinn

Cast: Patrick McCloyJesse CollinAmitai Marmorstein

Seven-year-old Robbie and his father are alone at a bus station with a man who collapses. Robbie wants to help the man but is confronted by his father’s prejudices. As Robbie discovers the truth about his father he must choose between their relationship or saving the life of a stranger.

Dinner Party

Mar. 2 at 10:40 pm / Mar. 3 at 9:25 pm / Mar. 4 at 8:15 pm

Written by Cassie Beecham 
Directed by Chelsea Haberlin

Cast: Julia CameronJade ChangLee CooksonSam MullinsKaitlyn Regehr

Having recently found out that her daughter, Zenia, has contracted the HIV virus, Barbara sets up a dinner party with friends to help get Zenia a job. It is a dinner filled with chaos, laughter and the unveiling of some very important truths.


Show Dates

March 2, 3 and 4, 2006


Admission is $2 per show or $10 for the evening (9 shows)