Studio Series

Once again, the Department of Theatre is producing a series of staged play readings in collaboration with the Department of Writing.  Six new one-act plays written by writing students will be directed and performed by theatre students.

The Coupon People

Written by Sean Paterson
Directed by Judith McDowell

Set on the front lines of the unglamorous fast food industry, this play follows a lifer clinging to his job and a kid who can’t wait to get out during an uncharacteristically eventful shift.

The Elk Path

Written by Robert Scott McRae
Directed by Alistair Newton

An eccentric relationship between a hunter and vegetarian reveals conflicting moral stances on hunting, friendship, and marital infidelity in small-town Manitoba.

Bifurcating in The Fire Pit


Written by Raquel Mann, Directed by Christie Little
In an “Extreme Survival Camp Adventure”, two participants find themselves trapped in a metaphysical bond of survival without a map.

I Thee Wed

Written by Karen Lee Pickett
Directed by Judith McDowell

Two lovers struggle with their marriage and love for each other as experienced through the lens of three different time periods:  1901, 1952, and 2004.

The Romantic Animal

Written by Dave Brock
Directed by Christie Little

This scientific study of sex and poetry examines the effect of a goat orgasm expert falling in love with a lusty poet.

Three Chinese Women

Written and Performed by Jade Chang

Chang will perform the first of three monologues entitled “Affairs” in a largely autobiographical play revolving around the cultural values held in different time periods.

Why Unicorns

Written by Allie Johnson
Directed by Alistair Newton

This monologue features a dog-groomer and single mother who rarely leaves her house, reminiscing about her arrest for shoplifting a unicorn painting from a gift shop.

Wheelin' Up To The Pearly Gates

Written by Jasmine O’Brien
Directed by Theo Lamb

Inspired by the poetry of Susan Musgrave, the play examines “the things that keep and do not change”.  In it, a woman is prevented from participating in the outside world of her body.

In Transit

Written by Greg Compton
Directed by Theo Lamb

A Skytrain boxcar provides the arena for a confrontation between a young traveler and a recently homeless drunk.


Show Dates

March 18-20, 2005