Studio Series

Once again, the Department of Theatre is producing a series of staged play readings in collaboration with the Department of Writing.  Six new one-act plays written by writing students will be directed and performed by theatre students.

The Island of Woman

Written by Russell Reilander 
Directed by Katherine Bethell
Starring: Kate Richard, Pat McCloy, Mike Ferguson, Anne-Marie de la Giroday, Jenny Abel, Amanda Duff, Eva Markvoort, and Kassia Warshawski

Fred ends up on an island of woman…sounds good, or is it?  Mad cap fun for anyone who’s pondered the notion.  The shocking truth for those who haven’t.


The Rise and Fall of Anne Boland

Written by Clare Morgan 
Directed by Dee Statz
Starring:  Philip Lyall, Aynsely Carson, Eva Markvoort, Mike Ferguson, and Kate Richard.

A play about the power of ambition and the illusions of absolute power… in high school.  Based on the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.


The World Pulls Heavy

Written by Leah Bailly 
Directed by Sabrina Evertt
Starring:  Claire Charland and Mike Copley

It’s spit freezing cold.  Friday night, and Sadie Mills is dragged on a trek across town with her dreamboat from the past.  Destination:  dark and dangerous.  Based on true events. 


Medea Lived

Written by Gabrielle Pope
Directed by Kathleen Greenfield
Starring:  Devon Taylor, Kate Richard, and Mike Copley.

Is contemporary life reminiscent of Euripides’ tragic world?  One woman thinks so.  Operatic mythology takes on the latte-happy generations of apathy.


The Fall and Rise of Colin Junior

Written by Amanda Leduc
Directed by Kimberley DeLude
Starring:  Anne-Marie de la Giroday and Philip Lyall.

Colin Rushford is the ultimate ladies’ man.  But his prowess will soon be put to the test—by two different and yet strikingly similar women!


The Bird’s Nest

Written by S-I Parmar 
Directed by Catriana Van Rijn
Starring;  Aynsley Carson, Philip Lyall and Amatai Marmurstein

Cha-Cha, an idealistic young woman, must confront her ambivalent feelings for two friends after one of them discovers a mysterious Bird’s Nest.



Show Dates

March 19-20, 2004

Production Crew

Play Selection Committee:  Nicola Harwood, Charles Tidler
Producer/Production Stage Manager:  Marisa Vest
Venue Designer:  Allan Stichbury (Faculty)
Lighting Designer:  Yasmine Kandil (Graduate Student)
Assistant Lighting Designer:  Tim Herron
Stage Manager:  Nicole Lamb
Assistant Stage Manager:  Heather Rycraft
Sound Co-ordinator:  Jeremy McLeod