Listen to the Wind

By James Reaney

Set in a farmhouse, Listen to the Wind tells the story of Owen, a dying boy who lies on his bed, dreaming out stories.  The books that keep him company—the Brontes, Edgar Rice Burroughts, and Rider Haggard—inspire him.  Based on the Bronte children, this play is a vibrant form of imaginative theatre, one where the actor and the image and the word are central and the stories our own.


Media Reviews

“Certainly the show is energetically performed and briskly paced.  And the young actors—who had a shorter than usually rehearsal time—are to be heartily commended for dispatching a mind-boggling amount of stage business with brio and seeming ease.”

– Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist

“With eight in the cast, four on stage as sound effects crew and a bewildering array of props, it’s easy to get distracted here in the whirlwind of back-and-forth storylines, but some notable performances keep it all together.”

– John Threlfall, Monday Magazine

Show Dates

March 5 – 21, 2003

Pre-Show Lecture – March 7 at 7pm

Cast & Creative

Director:  David Ferry
Venue Designer:  Allan Stichbury
Set Designer:  Aaron Spouler
Costume Designer:  Emma Routledge
Lighting Designer:  Allan Stichbury
Stage Manager:  Jen Braem

Featuring:  Cameron AndersonKatie HoodMike KlemakIan LakeMitch PollockKatie SineyMarisa Smith and Karen Taylor.
Foley Artists:  Amanda BallardÉva MarkvoortBeth Scozzafava and Jen Quinn.
Original Music and Direction:  Mitch Pollock and Cast.