The Country Wife

NOVEMBER 11 – 27, 1993
By William Wycherley
Director John Krich


John Krich

John Krich was seen last season performing in the Belfry’s production of the new Canadian play, HOMEWARD BOUND. For the Belfry’s play development series, IN THE WORKS, he performed in two new plays: CZECH UP by Vancouver playwright Kico Gonzales-Risso and THE RED DRAGON by 1992 UVic Theatre Graduate Eufemia Fantetti. John has also been involved with several ongoing film projects here in Victoria as well as teaching and supervising various student projects for the Department of Theatre.

Directors Notes

The Country Wife is perhaps the most representative and best known, if not the most notorious, of all Restoration comedies. Wycherley, however, does not color the world and society he mirrors in delicate shades nor does he present us with the ethereal elegance often ascribed to this period. With an earthy sense of humour he takes broad satirical swipes at the licentious vices and follies of the age. His particular target is the uses and abuses of sex. Few of the characters in the play are sympathetic even though we may laugh at them and their foibles. They are filled with pretention and deceit. Nearly everyone in the play is pretending to be someone they are not, hiding behind some sort of disguise, blatantly telling lies and desperate to know everyone else‘s business. From Alithea’s rather high-minded principles through Margery’s childlike delight in discovery, to Homer’s outrageous ruse of pretending to be a eunuch, the play exudes a boldness and gusto that makes it unique not only among Restoration comedies, but in all the body of dramatic literature.


Cast & Creative

Creative Team:

Director John Krich
Assistant Director David Cheoros
Set Designer Brian Ball 
Lighting Designer Darell Moore
Assistant Lighting Designers Todd Skinner, Leon Potter
Cosumte Designer Karen Levis
Sound Designer Steven Goodman
Choreographer Kaz Piesowocki
Special COahcing Linda Hardy
Musical Consultant Dal McIntosh
Set & Costume Supervisor Allan Stichbury
Lightin Supervisor Giles Hoyga




Jennifer Lines Margery Pinchwife
Poppy Guloien Alithea
Camille Stubel Lady Fidget
Erin Fitzgerald Dainty Fidget
Florence MacGregor Mrs. Squemish
Treena Stubel & Anne Legg Old Lady Squemish/Servant
Kira Bradley Lucy
Paul Fauteaux Pinchwife
Jack J. Laitinen Sir Jasper Fidget
Gregory Tees Harry Horner
Lucas Robert Myers Sparkish
Eric D. Bossick Harcourt
Kennedy Goodkey Dorilant
Steeven Goodman & Ryan C. Stevenson Quack/Parson
Justine Thomson Servant
Andrew Long Servant
Colin Plant Servant