Twelfth Night

August, 1965
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Richard Digby Day

Viola is shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria and she comes ashore with the help of a Captain. She has lost contact with her twin brother, Sebastian, whom she believes to be drowned, and with the aid of the Captain, she disguises herself as a young man under the name Cesario and enters the service of Duke Orsino. Duke Orsino has convinced himself that he is in love with Olivia, who is mourning the recent death of her brother. She refuses to see entertainments, be in the company of men, or accept love or marriage proposals from anyone, the Duke included, until seven years have passed. Duke Orsino then uses ‘Cesario’ as an intermediary to profess his passionate love before Olivia. Olivia, however, falls in love with ‘Cesario’, setting her at odds with her professed duty. In the meantime, Viola has fallen in love with Duke Orsino, creating a love triangle: Viola loves Duke Orsino, Duke Orsino loves Olivia, and Olivia loves Viola disguised as Cesario.

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Cast & Creative

Director Richard Digby Day
Designer  Robert Hedley
Costume Designer Douglas Russell


Curio Jennifer Chaster, Bernard Destrube
Orsino Paul Bettis
Viola Clara Hare
Sea Captain Peter Smith
Festa John Getgood
Maria Margaret Hall
Olivia Susan McFarlane
Sir Toby Belch Anthony Jenkins
Malvolio Frederic De Santis
Sir Andrew James Eberle
Sebastian Garrick McKeehan
Antonio Robert Price
Fabian Rober Chamut
Caesario Clara Hare
Priest Neville Haddock
Lady Attendants Jane Turner, Liz McIntyre
Officer Peter Smith