Theatre Application

Please review the application requirements and read through the entire application form before beginning. Complete all areas of the form that pertain to you. Omitting important fields (name and contact information) may cause errors when submitting your application.


 1. UVic Admissions

Have you applied to UVic Admissions?

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– Applications to UVic must be completed prior to filling out this form.


 2. Personal Information
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 3. Specialization
Please rank your top three interests from among the following specialist options by writing a number from 1 to 3 in the space beside those particular areas (1 being most interested).
Choice 1:
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Choice 3:


 4. Secondary School (High School)
Are you still attending Secondary School?  
Name of Secondary School attending or attended:
When will you / did you graduate?


5. Grade Point Average(GPA)
What was your Grade 11 (GPA)
What is your estimated Grade 12 (GPA)


 6. Transfer Students
ONLY completed by those who are studying or have studied theatre at another
post-secondary institution.
College/University attended
(most recent first)
Year(s) attended

Acting Transfer Students: Acting transfer students will only be contacted for a possible audition time if you have ranked Acting as your 1st choice under Section #3 of this form AND have transfer credits equivalent to the first year curriculum. Please note that the Department of Theatre does not determine transfer credit. Undergraduate Admissions & Records Services do this at the time of admission.

Please attach digital copy of transcripts of completed and in-progress courses for each institution.

  • Clearly label your documents with your student #, name and description

  • You may package/zip/pdf many files together

  • Files should not exceed 2MB


 7. Essay Responses

Applicants are required to submit two personal essays of not more than 500 words each (typed and double-spaced) responding to the following questions:

  1. Why do you wish to pursue your education at the University of Victoria as opposed to another liberal arts university or a professional training school such as the National Theatre School, University of Alberta or Langara College?

  2. Name a play that you have read, seen or been involved in that excited you. Specifically, what did you like about the play?

  • Essay responses should be saved as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or PDF file.

  • Clearly label your documents with your student number, name and description: V00123456_Full_Name_Essay.pdf

  • Files should not exceed 1MB

Please select your file to attach:


 8. Resume

Please attach a current resume. Your resume should include theatre training and experience as well as non-theatre related volunteer activities, awards/honours, hobbies and interests.

  • Resumes should be saved as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or PDF file

  • Clearly label your documents with your student number, name and description: V00123456_Full_Name_Resume.pdf

  • Files should not exceed 1MB

Please select your file to attach:


9. Supporting Material

Students are invited to submit examples of their work that they feel may enhance their application, including:

  • digital recording of acting scene or monologue
  • documentation of drawings, paintings or sculptural work
  • lesson plan for a workshop in applied theatre areas
  • stage manager's prompt script
  • photographs of sewing projects
  • a directorial concept for a play they have either directed or would like to direct

If you have examples of the above posted online on a webpage (YouTube, Facebook, Flicker etc.) please provide the name of your work and the URL link below.




If you have PDF or JPG files of your work, please see Step 9 to send files as an attachment.


10. Attachments

Please email any extra attachments to this application.

  • Save documents as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or PDF file or JPG.
  • Only one file per email
  • Files should not exceed 4MB
  • Clearly label your documents with your student #, name and description:

I will be sending additional email attachments?  

I will be sending hard copies of support materials?  
If necessary, the Department will accept hard copies of support materials submitted to the address below. Hard copies of materials will not be returned unless a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope is included.


Mailing address

Department of Theatre
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 Stn CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2

Courier address

Department of Theatre
Phoenix Building Room 154
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
+1 250-721-7991
+1 250-721-6596


 11. Questions?
  • If you are having problems with the online form, contact us to receive the application as a PDF file.
  • Email the department secretary:
  • Call 250-721-7991 or fax 250-721-6596


The Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria collects the personal information on this form pursuant to the University Act, (RSBC 1996, C468) and the Freedom of Information Act (section 26). The information is used for the purposes of your application to the undergraduate program in Theatre and may be provided to members of the Department. The information may also be used for research purposes but in those cases, individual identifiers will be removed. If you wish further information, please contact the Theatre Department Office.