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The Acting specialization begins in the second year of study in the department and is based on academic standing and audition.

Students enter a concentrated program of acting, voice and movement which progresses in depth, detail and challenge over a period of three years. Classes meet several times a week and demand a great deal of commitment, self-discipline and practice both within and outside of class time.

The specialization begins with scene work and character study in second year with an emphasis on Canadian plays. Third year acting concentrates on styles and special genre work with an emphasis on such playwrights as Ibsen, Chekhov, Shakespeare and Molière. Fourth year acting explores various aspects of self development and self created work, especially in voice and acting.

Voice and movement classes are meant to strengthen each actor's vocal and physical instrument by introducing incremental levels of expertise in such areas as breath control, tonal and consonant action, resonance and range, speaking Shakespeare, dialects, etc. as well as Alexander Technique, modern dance, neutral and character mask and acrobatics. Depending on available professional artists, the program is further augmented with various workshops in disciplines such as clown, stage combat or mime.

At the fourth year level, audition skills are honed in preparation for the transition into either the professional world of theatre or conservatory training. One semester is devoted to development of acting skills for film and television. Agents and casting directors from Canada's major cities, in addition to local artistic directors from Victoria and Vancouver, partake in annual workshops to assist the graduation class.

By the end of the fourth year, with the instruction and guidance of some of Canada's best scholars, performance teachers and theatre professionals, performance students leave the department with an excellent basis upon which to build their professional and academic lives.

Program Outline

Suggested course selections for each year for students interested in Acting specialization.




Year 1


  THEA 105: Introduction to Stage Craft & Technical Practice 3.0
  THEA 111 / 112: History and Language of the Theatre (Parts I & II) 3.0
  THEA 120: Introduction to the Art of Acting 3.0


FA 101 - Creative Being


  English Course
At total of 3.0 units are required for a theatre major, of which 1.5 units must be taken before the end of second year. If required, the Academic Writing Requirement should be satisfied in the first year.
  Electives (Outside the department)
All of the required 12 units of electives for the Acting Specialization must be taken outside of the department. These electives include the 3.0 units of English and 1.5 units for FA 101.


1st Year Total:   


Year 2

Audition and permission is required to enter into the Acting Specializatoin after Year 1


  THEA 205: Intro to Production and Management 3.0


THEA 210 / 211: Theatre History – French Classicism to 19th Century / Modern Theatre


  THEA 221 / 222: Acting I and Acting II 3.0
  THEA 223: Introduction to Voice 1.5
  THEA 225: Introduction to Stage Movement 1.5
  THEA 229: Theatre Peformance 1.5
  English Course
At total of 3.0 units are required for a theatre major, of which 1.5 units must be taken before the end of second year. For the Acting Specialization, it is recommended that all 3.0 units are completed before the end of second year.


2nd Year Total:   


Year 3 & 4

Permission is required to progress to subsequent years in the Acting Specialization.

  THEA 321 / 322: Acting III and Acting IV 3.0


THEA 323 / 324: Speech in Theatre I and II 3.0


THEA 325 / 326: Stage Movement I and II 3.0

THEA 421 / 422: Acting III and Acting IV
(421: Acting for the Camera in Film & Televison)

  THEA 423 / 424: Speech in Theatre I and II 3.0
  THEA 425 / 426: Stage Movement I and II 3.0
  THEA 329: Theatre Peformance 1.5
  THEA 429: Theatre Peformance 1.5
  Theatre History 300+ level
Choose from 309A, 309B, 310, 311, 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 328, 333, 337, 338, 362, 363, 390, 391, 409 410, 411, 412, 414.
  Electives (Outside the department)
All of the required 12 units of electives for the Acting Specialization must be taken outside of the department. These electives can be at any level.








  • Auditions are held for students wishing to enter the acting specialization after first year. Only selected students will proceed into 2nd year. Students who are not selected are welcome to audition again at the end of their 2nd year. Permission must be granted by the department for students to progress to each subsequent year in the acting specialization.
  • A minimum of 3.0 units of English electives are required to complete a theatre major, with 1.5 units required to be taken before the end of second year. If required, the Academic Writing Requirement can be satisfied by taking one of ENGL 135, 146, or 147.
  • A minimum of 4.5 units of senior level 300+ Theatre History courses are required to complete a theatre major..
  • For the Acting Specialization, all of the required 12 units of elective courses must be selected from outside of the department. These include FA 101 and your English courses.

For more information on our program requirements, please refer to the UVic Calendar or contact Anne Heinl, the Fine Arts Academic Advisor.

Professors and Instructors 

Conrad Alexandrowicz
BA York University, MFA University of Alberta
Assistant Professor

Fran Gebhard
MFA University of British Columbia
Assistant Teaching Professor

Linda Hardy
BA Brock , MA University of Toronto
Assistant Professor

Brian Richmond
MA University of Toronto

Jan Wood
BFA University of Alberta
Assistant Professor

Alumni Profiles


Sebastien Archibald (BFA'07)
Vancouver-based actor and playwright, Co-Artistic Director and Playwright in Residence of ITSAZOO Productions.

  Deanne May Bertsch (BFA'92)
Choreographer and drama, dance, choir and Blackfoot teacher.
  Beatrice Boepple (BFA'84)
Actor for film, television and stage and yoga instructor.
    Kate Braidwood
  Shannan Calcutt (BFA'97)
Best known as Izzy the Clown, this writer, actor, instructor and clown is also a Co-Comedic Director and Clown Coach for Cirque du Soleil.

TJ Dawe (BFA’97)
Writer, performer, director and dramaturge has become “Canada’s most prolific writer of autobiographical monologues.”

  Victor Dolhai (BFA ’07)
Is a prominent performer with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
    Michael Dudley (BFA'86)
Author, editor and book reviewer who is now an academic librarian at the University of Winnipeg.
    Erin Karpluk (BFA ’00)
Found fame and acclaim in her leading role on the hit Canadian series Being Erica.
  James Leard (BFA '70)
Writer, director and founder of the Story Theatre Company, which going strong after 30 years of touring children's theatre.
  Nicolle Nattrass (BFA ’91)
Award-winning playwright and actor known for her one-woman shows.
    Peter Outerbridge (BFA ’88)
Has made his mark on stage, screen and television.

Meg Roe (BFA ’04)
Much acclaimed and awarded actor is making waves as a director at the Shaw Festival.

  Charles Ross (BFA '98)
Acclaimed star and co-creator of the internationally touring shows One-Man Star Wars and One-Man Lord of the Rings.
    Zachary Stevenson (BFA ’03)
Acclaimed actor and a musician has made a name for himself by interpreting musical performers from days gone by.
    Celine Stubel (BFA ’02)
Victoria native is becoming one of BC's busiest actors.
  Sara Topham (BFA ’98)
Went from Stratford to Broadway in a Tony Award-winning production.
  Andrew Wade (BFA'15)
Playwright and actor based out of Richmond, BC.

Krista Wallace (BFA'89)
Author, actor, vocalist, and musical director.