Theatre History

Video produced by students Amanda Verhagen and Alina Cerminara.
Music thanks to Myles Black and the Pearly Whites.

Designed originally by distinguished theatre historians Michael Booth and Alan Hughes, our theatre history program provides students with a rare opportunity to study the theatrical past within a practically-oriented, fully functioning contemporary theatre complex.

Students create their programs in close consultation with faculty, choosing from among a wide range of areas of study. Current faculty specialties include: finance and economics; acting; ancient Greek theatre; 19th- and 20th-century commercial theatre; opera history; theatre criticism; dance history and theory; and Modernism. Students may also study the history of design, directing, dramatic literature and production.

The University of Victoria’s McPherson Library contains superb special collections of historical and theoretical material including the Robertson Davies Collection of 19th-century prompt books, an 18th-century collection, and extensive audio-visual materials.

Our affiliation with the Faculty of Fine Arts offers students exciting opportunities for pursuing interdisciplinary studies in Music and Opera, Writing, Visual Arts and Art History.

In addition, UVic's outstanding departments of History, Law, English, Greek and Roman Studies, Pacific and Asian Studies, and Germanic Languages and Literatures provide theatre history students with many courses and resources directly relevant to their studies.

As the capital of British Columbia and home to the Provincial Archives, Victoria is a city rich with opportunities for archival, institutional and architectural research. Victoria's idyllic island location is also handily positioned within easy reach of four other first-rate Canadian and American research facilities: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Washington and the University of Oregon at Eugene.

The Department of Theatre offers two undergraduate degree options:  BFA Theatre Major with a Focus in Theatre History and BA Honours in Theatre History.

Program Outline

Theatre History Focus

Students may enter the Theatre History Focus after completing the second-year Theatre requirements.


  • All courses should be taken in the sequence indicated. Failure to follow the course listings suggested for each year and for each Focus may jeopardize the ability to complete the BFA degree within four years.
  • Electives*: English 135 and an additional 1.5 units of English electives must be taken before 30 units are completed.


  • Electives*: Of these electives, a minimum of 7.5 units must be Theatre courses (at any level) to satisfy the degree requirement of 36 Theatre units.

Professors and Instructors

Sarah Blackstone, BA Wyoming, MA Kansas State, PhD Northwestern,

Allana Lindgren
BA Honours Victoria, MA York University, PhD University of Toronto
Associate Professor

Tony Vickery
MA, PhD University of Victoria
Senior Instructor

Jennifer Wise
MA, PhD University of Toronto
Associate Professor

Alumni Profiles

    Claire Hill (BFA ’2012)
The current administrative manager for Dancemakers in Toronto, Claire has worked across the country in a range of creative and administrative roles.
  David Christopher (MA ’2012)
Widely-educated Theatre History alumni continues his studies at UVic as he pursues a PhD in Cinema and Cultural Theory.
  Jenny Taylor (BFA ’2013)
A recent graduate, Jenny continues her studies in dramaturgy while remaining active in the theatre community.