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Students who wish to take a broad approach to their Theatre studies can choose the self-directed focus. This focus allows students to maximize their exposure to various areas within theatre as well as include a wider selection of elective courses.

Students interested in combining their Theatre studies with other liberal arts disciplines may find the self-directed focus allows them the flexibility required to achieve all their academic goals.

List of required courses for the self-directed focus

Program Outline

Self-Directed Focus

Students may enter the Self-Directed Focus after completing the first-year Theatre requirements. Students who wish to pursue a greater scope in their Theatre studies, or who wish to combine their Theatre studies with a wide range of other liberal arts disciplines, should select the Self-Directed Option.


  • All courses should be taken in the sequence indicated. Failure to follow the course listings suggested for each year and for each Focus may jeopardize the ability to complete the BFA degree within four years.
  • Electives*: English 135 and an additional 1.5 units of English electives must be taken before 30 units are completed.
Second Year
Third and Fourth Years


  • Electives*: Of these electives, a minimum of 7.5 units must be Theatre courses (at any level) to satisfy the degree requirement of 36 Theatre units.

Alumni Profiles

  Pam Alexis (BFA'80)
Founded her own event management company and is now on the city council of Mission, BC.
  John Demmery Green (BFA'12)
A playwright currently based in London, England.
    Mack Gordon (BFA ’07)
Hard-working alumnus keeps busy with a string of acting and directing jobs in theatre, film and television.
  Mark Leiren-Young (BFA'85)
Author, journalist, playwright, documentary writer, and feature film writer.
  Nathan Medd (BFA '01)
Talented theatre administrator and producer makes mark on BC theatre and now at the helm of the National Arts Centre’s English Theatre.
  Matthew Payne (BFA '96)
Actor, writer, director and founding member of Theatre SKAM.