Production & Management

Video produced by students Amanda Verhagen and Alina Cerminara.
Music thanks to the Sunday Buckets.

The Production and Management focus examines the theatre process from rehearsal to performance, with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the collaborative nature of theatre production and encouraging teamwork.

Students learn the principles, procedures and skills required in each of the major production and management areas:  scenic construction, wardrobe, properties, lighting, sound, stage management, audience services and marketing and communications. 

An overview of all aspects of these areas is provided through lectures, demonstrations, special guests, and visits to professional theatres.

In their first year, students rotate through various production and management areas applying newly-learned technical skills on department productions. Second-year students advance to a managerial level in a selected production or management area and are responsible for a significant practical project related to main-stage productions. Advanced courses at the third and fourth-year levels provide supervised practical experience in one or more specialized areas.

We keep our classes small so that students can receive detailed instruction and individual attention. 

Students in this program work with faculty and guest directors and designers in addition to our expertly qualified staff. They learn professional work standards and ethics and have the opportunity to make numerous professional contacts.

Program Outline

Production and Management Focus

Students may enter the Production and Management Focus after completing the second-year Theatre courses required for this focus. Enrolment is limited. Selection is by interview. Permission of the department is required.


  • All courses should be taken in the sequence indicated. Failure to follow the course listings suggested for each year and for each Focus may jeopardize the ability to complete the BFA degree within four years.
  • Electives*: English 135 and an additional 1.5 units of English electives must be taken before 30 units are completed


  • Electives*: Of these electives, a minimum of 1.5 units must be Theatre courses (at any level) to satisfy the degree requirement of 36 Theatre units.

Professors and Instructors

Bryn Finer
The National Theatre School of Canada
Properties Co ordinator

Sandra Guerreiro
BFA University of Victoria
Audiences Services Manager / Instructor

Peter McGuire
MFA University of Victoria
Stage Management / Senior Instructor

Adrienne Holierhoek
BA Honours (Visual Arts), University of Western Ontario, Certificate in Public Relations, University of Victoria
Marketing and Communications
Manager / Instructor

Timothy O'Gorman
Diploma of Arts, Camosun College
Technical Director/Instructor

Charles Procure
BA Dalhousie University
Head of Scenic Construction / Instructor

Karla D. Stout
BA McGill, LLB Osgoode Law School, York University
BAA Honours Ryerson Polytechnic University
Head of Wardrobe / Instructor

Gysbertus (Bert) Timmermans
BFA, MFA University of Victoria
Production Manager / Instructor

Alumni Profiles

  Amanda Verhagen (BFA'11)
Production coordinator for hit TV series such as Arctic Air and The Flash who also produces her own feature films.
  Christopher Sibbald (BFA ‘ 10)
Chris graduated in 2010 with a BFA in Theatre Production and Management.
    Megan Newton (BFA ’05)
Inspiring alumna's spirit lives on to encourage other intrepid artists.
    Marisa Vest (BFA ’04)
"One day I got the magic phone call," she said in a Times Colonist interview. "I [ran] away with the circus."