Video produced by students Amanda Verhagen and Alina Cerminara.
Music thanks to the Sunday Buckets.

We believe that students learn about the art and craft of directing by directing. Our viewpoint is that a great theatre director is an artist who has extensive knowledge of the social, political, and artistic histories of world cultures. Students of directing are strongly encouraged to gain a broad liberal arts education in art history, philosophy and English.

We offer student directors the opportunity to develop their art and craft in the three most common architectural forms found in present-day Canadian theatre: thrust, proscenium and studio. Courses at the undergraduate level prepare students for the study of directing and introduce them to some of the key issues of directing text-based theatre. Students will have the opportunity to direct and present scenes and, in some cases, one-act plays. In exceptional cases, self-directed projects, under faculty supervision, will be approved.

Excellent mentorship is provided by faculty artists and by the guest directors who are invited to the department every year. Inter-departmental studies are encouraged and the theatre school enjoys a strong relationship with the Department of Writing.

Program Outline

Directing Focus

Students may enter the Directing Focus after completing the second-year Theatre courses required for this focus. The Directing Focus is a preparatory program only. The foundation of its philosophy is that emerging directors must first secure a strong liberal arts education, as well as experience in all aspects of theatre production, before moving on to an in-depth study of directing. Students seeking entry into this option should secure the advice of the department on all required and elective courses before the end of their first year of the Theatre Program.


  • All courses should be taken in the sequence indicated. Failure to follow the course listings suggested for each year and for each Focus may jeopardize the ability to complete the BFA degree within four years.
  • Electives*: English 135 and an additional 1.5 units of English electives must be taken before 30 units are completed.

Electives* (WRIT 203: Playwriting Workshop is strongly recommended)
Third and Fourth Years
  • Electives*: Of these electives, a minimum of 3 units must be Theatre courses (at any level) to satisfy the degree requirement of 36 Theatre units.

Professors and Instructors

Leslie D. Bland
BFA University of Alberta, MFA (Directing) University of Victoria,
ARCT University of Toronto
Continuing Sessional Instructor

Linda Hardy
BA Brock , MA University of Toronto
Assistant Professor

Brian Richmond
MA University of Toronto

Peter McGuire
MFA University of Victoria
Senior Instructor

Alumni Profiles

    Dennis Garnhum (BFA ’90)
The Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary since 2005.
  Mika Laulainen (BFA'12)
Freelance theatre artist based out of Vancouver, BC.
  Tyler Klein Longmire (BFA'10)
Animator, designer, and theatre maker based in Calgary, AB.
  Lani Milstein (BFA'02)
Creative Manager of Starvox Entertainment.
  Fay Nass (BFA'07)
Vancouver-based writer, director and theatre scholar.
  Alistair Newton (BFA '05)
Acclaimed emerging Canadian director and playwright founded Ecce Homo Theatre to present strong socio-political work.
  Jeffrey Pufhal (MFA'12)
Director who also runs the outreach theatre program for the University of Florida's prestigious Centre for Arts in Medicine.
  Katherine Stadel (BFA'04)
Vancouver-based venue manager who also directs and produces.