Video produced by students Amanda Verhagen and Alina Cerminara.
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The design focus offers students comprehensive instruction ranging from fundamental design theory to present-day applications in Canadian theatre.

Classes are taught in our dedicated design classroom.  Class sizes are limited and students receive individual attention from nationally and internationally recognized teachers and professionals.

Introductory undergraduate courses in set, costume and lighting design initiate students in the history, theory and practice of theatrical design. Students develop a graphic vocabulary, learn to conceptualize and think visually as well as study design techniques and principles.

Manual drafting and drawing are first steps for students of scenic and costume design. Computer-assisted design is also supported, especially lighting design.  Scenic design courses also involve three-dimensional communication and model-making. Costume design classes examine materials and construction in relation to the realization of designs. Class projects examine all elements of design and focus on the actor in space.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to assist professional designers on main-stage productions and, occasionally, design their own productions in our theatres.

We believe students need to learn about design in a practical professional as well as theoretical context. We cover the topics of budget, working procedures and standards, and professional membership organizations.


Design Focus

Students may enter the Design Focus after completing the second-year Theatre courses required for this focus.


  • All courses should be taken in the sequence indicated. Failure to follow the course listings suggested for each year and for each Focus may jeopardize the ability to complete the BFA degree within four years.
  • Electives*: English 135 and an additional 1.5 units of English electives must be taken before 30 units are completed.
THEA 351 and 352; or THEA 348 and 349; or
THEA361 and either 362 o r 363
THEA 351 and 352; or THEA 348 and 349; or
THEA361 and either 362 o r 363


    *Electives: Of these electives, a minimum of 1.5 units must be Theatre courses (at any level) to satisfy the degree requirement of 36 Theatre unit

Professors and Instructors

Mary Kerr
BFA University of Manitoba

Allan Stichbury
BFA University of Alberta

Alumni Profiles

  Roberta Doylend (BFA'92)
Head of Wardrobe and instructor at Brock University.
  Patrick Du Wors (BFA '02)
Is an active Toronto-based designer who frequently returns to Victoria.
    Ingrid Hansen (BFA ’09)
Multi-talented alumna heads up promising new theatre company.
  Rebekah Jonson(BFA '83)
General manager and theatre manager who graduated with distinction from UVic’s Theatre Department in 1983 and also received her MFA in Visual Art from UVic in 2010.
  Tamara Marie Kucheran (BFA 97)
Career as a set and costume designer has taken her across Canada.
  Matthew Lees (BFA '90)
Began his career as a freelance technician from 1990-1997 and is currently the General Manager of Riggit.
  Dany Lyne (MFA'93)
Author, trauma intuitive, body whisperer, CranioSacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, teacher and artist whose design work won the Siminovitch Prize in 2006.
  Bridget McGuire (BFA'89)
Production Designer and Art Director who has worked on world-famous films and TV series such as Little Women, Night at the Museum, Stargate SG-1 and Arrow.
  Janet Munsil (BFA ’89)
Is an intrepid fixture of the Victoria theatre community, and a playwright celebrated worldwide.
    Leon Potter (BFA'94)
Director, actor, designer and technician who is currently Chair of Vancouver Island University's Department of Theatre.
  Michael Whitfield (BA '67)
A lighting designer with an illustrious national and international career, worked as the resident lighting designer at the Stratford Festival for 25 years.