Phoenix Facilities


Phoenix Building Floor Plan

The Department of Theatre is housed in the Phoenix building located on the southwest of the UVic campus.Constructed in 1982, the Phoenix building is considered to be one of the finest teaching and performance facilities in Canada. At its heart are three distinct stage forms - proscenium, thrust and studio - used for mainstage productions, SATCo productions and classrooms. These three stages are supported by changerooms, scenery, costume, lighting and movement workshops, studios and classrooms.

Each year, the department presents a series of shows in our three theatres known as the Phoenix Theatre season, which are open to the public.

The theatre spaces are in regular use during the academic year and are not usually available for rental or use outside the department. Inquires about use of the space should be made to Bert Timmermans.


Theatre spaces

Roger Bishop Theatre

  • Proscenium theatre
  • 208 seat capacity
  • Orchestra pit
  • Trapped stage floor
  • 60 feet fly tower
  • 27 single-purchase counterweight line sets
  • Variable height proscenium header
  • Control booth

Chief Dan George Theatre

  • Thrust theatre
  • 194 seat capacity
  • Vomitorium
  • Trapped stage floor
  • Overhead catwalk system (24 feet throughout theatre)
  • Control booth

Barbara McIntyre Studio

  • Flexible black box studio space
  • Moveable bleacher-style seating
  • 80 seat capacity (depending on staging)
  • Mezzanine level with removeable stair access
  • 2nd level control area
  • Overhead catwalk system